How are we doing, so far, with our New Year’s Resolution?

Helplessly, we feel that nothing has changed a bit. For example, one tiny blunder has already discouraged us to exert some more efforts. We already feel like strangling ourselves even for just a single thing of carelessness to the point of considering that all things make no sense at all. Have we become too strict with ourselves yet? Or, who could have told you that perfectionist we must be? To be practical about it, why be frustrated early on with New Year’s Resolutions when the year has only just begun? There are more than 300 days yet to your 2020 calendar. Lest we forget, humility is the name of the game. New Year’s resolution is an expression of that humility. Those who refuse to begin again may have become proud that they already have achieved something. Or, perhaps may have already been tired to try anew. The truth and the fact are, each morning is God’s warm invitation that we begin together again. Hang on.

BSDU is a sort of virus in the pursuit of self-improvement (Balik Sa Dating Ugali). To change the “ugali” is far too lofty, if not an exercise in futility. We do not jump too quickly to changing it (character). Realistically, begin with baby steps: Come on time (punctuality); Greet people you meet (politeness); Pray before you sleep (spirituality); Finish your meal (prudence)… etc. These are the simplest and easiest acts to accomplish. Before you know it you already have formed a habit. And when they become habitual they grow as your character. Instead of minding your “ugali” (character), be watchful first of your “gawi” (habitual acts). Come to think of it, these little struggles do not make the whole year; they come on a daily basis. Henceforth, make it one day at a time.

Furthermore, contend to make life as enjoyable it can be. Be excited about life once more. For French people, it’s “joie de vivre” – radiating energy, zest and vitality of life. When was the last time that we really have become excited about living in this world? Bring back that kind of feeling. Three “stops” must be called to order. One, stop thinking that “I can’t”. If you think you cannot then there is no way you really can. “Impossibility… is only an opinion,” says “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali. Two, stop dwelling on the past. Past is past, let bygones be bygones. The only thing that matters from it is a lesson or two. If you cannot find one in there you are definitely doomed to repeat that past. Waste of time, that is. And three, stop thinking about what other people are thinking about you. People are just too busy making both ends meet in their own living. Likewise, people are fighting it out with their own life’s issues. And those who have nothing good to do other than spending time in gossips are neither worth your time nor of your attention. By all means, just stop and make life an adventure.

Instead, consider three-letter P’s to be re-motivated. First, reclaim your Purpose. We just cannot go on directionless. Millennials call it goals – squad goals, family goals, love goals, etc. purpose is not philosophical just yet, but simply practical. The purpose of a husband is to love his wife. The purpose of a parent is to attend to the family. The purpose of a student is to graduate. Who you really are is purpose revealed. Second, realize your Potentials. Believe that you got what it takes to make it. By maximizing your potentials you are turning happiness into fulfillment. Truthfully, what has you is at the service of others. You definitely contribute something for the betterment of the web of life once you unleash your potentials. And third, become your own Person. Always be the better version of your self. There is no winding down nor retiring when it comes to self-discovery. Each new day is an opportunity for a new you. Evermore, the best is yet to come.

Already frustrated with your own New Year’s Resolution? Another chance is still in the offing – Kung Hei Fat Choi!… Or, Gong Xi Fa Chai? … Go figure. No to frustration, yes to life.