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Ethics Policy

Palawan News is devoted to following the highest form of ethical journalism that is with integrity, truthful, fair, and comprehensive as part of its purpose to contribute to the change of public attitudes and the removal of prejudices and fake or incorrect information on social media and other news platforms.

Palawan News is a member of the Philippine Press Institute (PPI), the country’s oldest professional media organization, which is “a non-stock, non-profit private organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with the primary mandate of defending press freedom and promoting ethical standards for the professional development of Filipino journalists”.

As such, we:
1. Pay our own expenses during news coverages and do not rely on our sources.
2. Manage conflicts of interest against accepting favors or preferential treatment, participating in certain activities, connections, financial investments, accepting writing proposals from outside our news organization, moonlighting jobs, friendships, and family relationships.
3. Do not use Palawan News for money ventures/personal profits on the side.
4. Can join groups to support our causes and advocacies, but cannot force these on our readers.
5. Do not misuse or exploit our journalistic credentials.
6. Use caution and discernment when selecting and accepting funds to support the activities of our news organization.
7. Do not name persons or individuals who are the subjects of our stories if they are below 18, particularly if victims of violent crimes or have committed them.
8. We do not name women of legal age who have been sexually assaulted or raped.
9. Do not write stories about suicide since exposure, whether directly or via media, may increase people’s proclivity to engage in suicidal behavior. However, we may write about evaluating large amounts of numerical data, particularly for the aim of inferring proportions in the aggregate from those in a representative sample.
10. Do not publish press releases whose origins cannot be identified to preserve credibility and honesty.

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS: As an ardent supporter of a free and independent press, our news organization seeks and reports facts and tells stories without intervention from governments or other influences.