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Corrections Policy

Palawan News is careful in verifying facts before releasing news to the public because of the speed with which false claims and information may spread. We make note of our reporters’ margins of error and offer them the necessary training and discipline in order to ensure overall quality.

It’s impossible to avoid mistakes, particularly in today’s fast-paced digital environment. This is why Palawan News admits and corrects errors in a transparent and open way as soon as we spot them, or they are pointed to us by our followers and readers. Whenever an error is corrected, we make sure to put “UPDATED” as a note to our story, so the public may know.

Rather than weakening trust, we feel that addressing all sorts of errors is critical to bolstering our accountability and transparency.

As a matter of policy, we:

1. Do not just remove stories based on requests; instead, we make an effort to examine and revise them as needed or when new information becomes available. We sometimes allow requests for compassionate considerations or sympathetic regard from certain persons, but authorization to remove content is only provided after all editors have assessed the impact of the material.
2. When mistakes have a significant impact on the presentation of facts in our stories, we provide an “EDITOR’S NOTE.” This is accomplished by conferring with the story’s reporter and their sources. Fact-checking may take time, but it will be done to update stories.
3. Give due prominence to a corrected story as the original news item previously published.
4. Help spread correct information as soon as we spot false stories being peddled.