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EDITORIAL: Princesa Tower rising

“It will host the highest Jollibee, the highest McDonalds and the highest Starbucks,” a ranking city official stated during Monday’s... Read More

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PALAWAN-To Divide or not to Divide?

I once heard a joke saying “Uy hindi na pala tayo taga Palawan, magiging Palathree na”....

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‘Res Nullius’ – The Spratlys’ deeper history

On my first term in the House of Representatives back in 1991, I took an early...

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Hanggang sa Muling El Bimbo

“Kamukha mo si Paraluman…” My parents raised me as good Filipino parents should. They taught me...

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Factfulness by Hans Rosling

I first heard Hans Rosling speak in the Women Deliver Conference in Malaysia about five years...

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Secret Lagoon, Santorini and Venice and how long will Hugpong last?

There must be something queer about “that person ” who posted the floating heap of plastics...

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“Magsaysay is my Guy”

The annual September 21 commemoration of the beginning of Martial Law always reminds me of the...

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High school? Hi, School!

As soon as I removed that graduation toga and stepped inside the room, I knew that...

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An Ounce of Prevention

One of my responsibilities as Director of Roots of Health is to raise the funds we...

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Nang maging tama ang mali

Isang linggo ako sa Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, ngunit ni isang salita roon ay wala man...

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Loyalty Check or Heart Check

Jesus asked his disciples, “Whom do you people say that I am”?(Mk. 8:27). Was the Lord...

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Ompong Aftermath

Hello Palawan.  I am glad that the rains and winds of typhoon Ompong did not impact...

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Great expectations?

You’d be concerned. She needs to earn money for her daily needs and send them to...

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