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EDITORIAL: Palawan’s interests on the charter change proposals

The impending debate in the Senate on a House of Representatives charter change proposal initiated by Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo... Read More

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PALAWAN-To Divide or not to Divide?

I once heard a joke saying “Uy hindi na pala tayo taga Palawan, magiging Palathree na”....

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‘Res Nullius’ – The Spratlys’ deeper history

On my first term in the House of Representatives back in 1991, I took an early...

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Birthday Parties and Growing Up

As the only teenager at a seven year old’s birthday party, I had no one to...

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The Truth

Isn’t it funny how quickly the truth can turn tail and scurry away! When I woke...

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Tony Macalinao should also write Gov. Badong’s biography

Manong Tony Macalinao should seriously consider writing Gov. Badong’s bio after the success of  “My Haven,”...

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Can politicians go to heaven?

A friend once posed me the question in this form: “If you want to go to...

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High school? Hi, School!

As soon as I removed that graduation toga and stepped inside the room, I knew that...

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Palawan Teens on Pregnancy Prevention: Jump Up and Down After Sex

I’ve spent the last two days attending workshops with the Department of Social Welfare and Development....

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The Only Tragedy

The latest letter (entitled Gaudete et Exsultate) issued by Pope Francis addressed to us is about...

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Mercy is Mission

God invites us to join in his mission to spread his message of mercy everywhere with...

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The Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers opened the National Basketball Association’s 2018-2019 season this week,...

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The Lost Charm

My late father’s brother, had some vivid memories of my Lolo (grandfather), Paulino Barcos, Sr. He...

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