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Back to Basics: Go for ‘intelligent’ vote

It’s barely a month to go before the midterm polls. We start hearing taglines like “vote...

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Shouldn’t we, by now, aspire for a Palawan Region?

Back in 1984, the late Speaker Monching Mitra was running for Palawan’s lone legislative district in...

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Too young, doesn’t mean…

I’m sixteen years old and too young to vote. But just because I’m too young doesn’t...

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Being Nice vs. Planning Efficiently. Or Could We have Both?

About 25 years ago, maybe more, my husband and I signed up to teach in Japan...

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Mar, Imee and chips off the old block struggling in surveys

Continuing our brief sketches of some Senatoriables, the come-backing Mar Roxas easily comes to mind. The...

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Independence and solidarity

Am writing this piece while on leave from office, shortly after watching Quezon’s Game (starring Raymond Bagatsing...

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Movie Review: I want to eat your pancreas

As odd as this film title may seem, it certainly caught your eyes, didn’t it? Well,...

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Puerto Candidates on RH Issues

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to participate in a Candidates Forum as a panelist asking...

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For a total of 15 days, I was away from home. I did travel, quite extensively,...

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There’s a story about a preacher whose sermons attracted people of all walks of life. In...

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Losing KD

Like a knight in shining armor, a team savior, All-Star Kevin Durant laced up and played...

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Happiness, Mercer and Spirituality

I had a chat with an old friend some time ago and the topic somehow shifted...

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