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EDITORIAL: A new Malampaya compromise

The national government is crafting a compromise agreement with Palawan to resolve the issue of jurisdiction over the Malampaya gas... Read More

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PALAWAN-To Divide or not to Divide?

I once heard a joke saying “Uy hindi na pala tayo taga Palawan, magiging Palathree na”....

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‘Res Nullius’ – The Spratlys’ deeper history

On my first term in the House of Representatives back in 1991, I took an early...

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Pauwi Na Ako

Riding a multi-cab is not just getting on and getting off. It takes a lot of...

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Look to the Fringes!

No, I won’t say I don’t believe in elections and I DO think it is important...

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Tony Macalinao should also write Gov. Badong’s biography

Manong Tony Macalinao should seriously consider writing Gov. Badong’s bio after the success of  “My Haven,”...

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Flowers for our beloved dead

One enduringly haunting scene from Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire—I watched recently the 1951 Vivien...

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High school? Hi, School!

As soon as I removed that graduation toga and stepped inside the room, I knew that...

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Teaching Parents About Sex

Imagine your teenage child came up to you and asked you about sex. Would you be...

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It was during one of our casual talks when Councilor Matt Mendoza, then a neophyte lawmaker,...

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“Enabler or Disabler”

There are those who undermined or misunderstand other people’s disabilities and incapacities. Instead of discriminating them,...

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SUBARAW Hangover

Palawan, we have all witnessed the tremendous success of the week-long first ever SUBARAW Biodiversity Festival...

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Wishing, Training, Building

It would be a dream come true should we live to see trains running to and...

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