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Proud to be part of a 5x mineral company-Presidential Awardee

I am blessed enough to be able to attend the four-day 65th Annual National Mine Safety and...

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It was this paper, Palawan News, in its January 26-February 3 editorial, which brought to light...

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Elise’s Valentine’s Day Mix

Can anybody find me somebody to love? Ah, it’s Valentine’s Day, and Queen’s Somebody to Love...

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Medical Care in Puerto Princesa

My musings on medical care started with a friend whose husband is in a health crisis....

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Juan the Petmalu, Bong the silent one and the hopeful three

Since it is the start  of the campaign season, Restless Wind will attempt to do brief...

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Upsilonians of Palawan and the PSU School of Law

Tonight, I shall be one among 1,853 pre-registered brods—not counting their dates—who will be attending the...

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Movie Review: I want to eat your pancreas

As odd as this film title may seem, it certainly caught your eyes, didn’t it? Well,...

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Sexy Time on Valentine’s Day

As corny as it seems to me to plan for sex on a special occasion like...

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What TRUE LOVE is…

Funny how love is declared nowadays. Anything that mentions love is almost always considered as “hugot”....

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Do not judge

Here’s the story of a pastor disguised as a homeless person at the church of his...

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More on the NBA Trade Deadline

Palawan, it has been a full week past the National Basketball Association (NBA) trade deadline and...

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It’s Not a Nut

The ‘-ber’ Months in Pinas is the season of harvest in the Northern Hemisphere. It is...

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