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A deadlier virus

Of late, I have been conveyed two congratulatory notes that were both quite distinctive, as I was caught rather clueless as to what they...


We have come this farIn times and in different placesChances did find us in separate waysApart from each other every so oftenYet heart knows...


I saw the Facebook post of my sister, who is based in New York (USA), wishing my niece a great year as she went...


Bishop Broderick Pabillo has just been “seated” as the new shepherd of the northern part of Palawan. After close to 3 years of being...


After a long wait, for more than 2 years at that, Taytay will now have a new bishop. And his name is Moga. Yes,...


When I was welcomed by the people in my new parish assignment, their leader remarked, “Welcome ka rito sa amin, Father… Kaya lang po...

Uplifting Christmas

In my many years of Simbang Gabi, this one is unprecedented in terms of the number of Holy Masses I presided over. What makes it numerous are the ones held together with grieving families who have just lost a loved one. Intentionally, I would avoid imagining how will they celebrate Noche Buena. If and when there will still be something on the table, I doubt if it will be sumptuous at all. Maaaring mukhang masarap, pero nakakawalang gana.

Bangon Turismo

While tourism is the most deeply damaged, it is projected that it will also be the last that will recover. Not until 2024 as forecasted by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Matamlay at Matibay

. After several months of lockdown, the City Government has deemed it to jumpstart tourism. In other words, the place now, while yet observing quarantine protocols, is once again ready to welcome guests, albeit only for locals.

New Schooling

It should be fine since what is currently in school has been a long-time dream and is now coming (drastically) to reality. It must be alright in view of the gains that the present set up should provide not only for learners, but for all stakeholders including family and educators themselves.

Weak ka… Na naman

Mas marami at lumalawak kasi ang ating karunungan kapag bukas sa kuro-kuro ng iba. Nakakatuwa na may ilang naglaan ng kanilang panahon at kaalaman na mga dalubhasa mula sa iba’-iba nating pamantasan.


Karaniwan, sa halip na “sandali lang” ang nasasambit ay “wait lang”. “Nakalunch ka na?” kesa “Nananghalian ka na?”Kapag higit sa isa o dalawa ang tatanungin - “Guys, naglunch na kayo?” Bakit “guys” na ang nakasanayan? Iilan na lamang ba sa atin ang nakarinig ng “banggerahan”? Kapag nag-eEnglish ang ang isang bata kadalasan na pinapansin siya bilang smart at cute.