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Bangon Turismo

While tourism is the most deeply damaged, it is projected that it will also be the last that will recover. Not until 2024 as forecasted by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Matamlay at Matibay

. After several months of lockdown, the City Government has deemed it to jumpstart tourism. In other words, the place now, while yet observing quarantine protocols, is once again ready to welcome guests, albeit only for locals.

New Schooling

It should be fine since what is currently in school has been a long-time dream and is now coming (drastically) to reality. It must be alright in view of the gains that the present set up should provide not only for learners, but for all stakeholders including family and educators themselves.

Weak ka… Na naman

Mas marami at lumalawak kasi ang ating karunungan kapag bukas sa kuro-kuro ng iba. Nakakatuwa na may ilang naglaan ng kanilang panahon at kaalaman na mga dalubhasa mula sa iba’-iba nating pamantasan.


Karaniwan, sa halip na “sandali lang” ang nasasambit ay “wait lang”. “Nakalunch ka na?” kesa “Nananghalian ka na?”Kapag higit sa isa o dalawa ang tatanungin - “Guys, naglunch na kayo?” Bakit “guys” na ang nakasanayan? Iilan na lamang ba sa atin ang nakarinig ng “banggerahan”? Kapag nag-eEnglish ang ang isang bata kadalasan na pinapansin siya bilang smart at cute.


I discussed about the ethical questions on tourism vis a vis Palawan context.

End of an Era

In its anniversary, last year, Gigi Lumauag (proprietress, and a family friend), intimated to me the struggles of keeping Kitkat’s afloat. I mindlessly told her. “Kaya po yan!” Hence, when Ate Gigi, before making public, has informed me of the closure-ordeal, my first reaction was to shrug it off again, but only for a short while since I have quickly realized the current bad times. To which Ate Gigi blurted out, “Hindi na talaga kaya, Father.” As fate would have it, the wretched COVID-19 sealed the coffin to the iconic Kitkats... Grief.

R&B – Numbed and Blessed

Malacañang is due to announce again decision on quarantine measures. ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, MGCQ, or whatchamacallit? To be downgraded or to be upgraded? Who cares now after 100 days (and counting) of being abnormal? To survive is all there is for an option. We have already been made immune to it - to an abnormal life. But not immune from getting infected, just yet. Soon, hopefully. Meanwhile, it pays to be numbed.

Home, but unwelcomed

Over time, the province was COVID free until the influx of those who were not yet home in Palawan. In no time, a game ensued to be played, the so-called “The Blame Game”.


We have been talking about the “new normal”, but have we really thought what that is? With the happenstance, every pronouncement that we got is all temporary, fluid and varying. For instance, we started with lockdown in Luzon, was it mainland Luzon or the entire Luzon, including Palawan? Were we at ECQ or GCQ?

A topnotcher, prayer and family

. After a month of etching his name as bar topnotcher, Atty. Jocelyn Bajar Fabello now savors this unique recompense. Joey, to many, looks back to the role of prayer and family in her journey to land 5th in the 2019 Bar Exams.

M.A.Y. (Mind and Yourself)

It is on the above emergency sounding that recently I have sent a letter to our City Mayor Lucilo Bayron (copies for other LGU’s will follow suit) advocating for Mental Health (MH). I did so, as head of the Philippine Mental Health Association, Inc. (PMHAI) - Palawan Chapter, as concerned citizen of our beloved community and as a call of my profession to comfort the downtrodden.