Challenge No. 1: “Paano ‘Pag Wala Nang Spark?”

Do we always have fireworks every day? But only during New Year’s Day and town fiesta. When a spectacular becomes a daily occurrence it unavoidably defeats its very purpose to impress. What makes a diamond so precious is its rarity. When it turns common it gets low-grade. But unlike jewels, love is supposedly common and ordinary. Love is an everyday decision. With our without spark, love is about unflinching commitment.

Challenge No. 2: LDR Commitment is needed the most in LDR – Long Distance Relationship.

For couples to be separated by time and spaces, love is pretty challenging. With different timezones, sleeping time gets catching up schedule. And with the partner as stationed on the other side of the globe or even across the ocean (as a seaman, e.g.), love naturally grows helplessly fonder. Parang gusto mong liparin kung nasaan ang mahal mo. Far apart from each other, they would just say, “Tiwala lang.”

Challenge No. 3: “Nagkita kami ni Ex!”

Let bygones be bygones. Past is past … until nakita mo uli ang iyong “past”. You met each other once more in a batch reunion or have chanced each other upon in a mall or perhaps you searched for him/her on Facebook, and since then life has changed have became complicated. You are not your usual self anymore. You got your eye twinkling nervously and your thoughts (and heart?) handcuffed again by your past. You are fighting the feeling. How can this be so wrong when it feels so right, says a popular cheesy song. Delete… Unfriend… Don’t text… Cut and cut clean. Challenge is struggle.

Challenge No. 4: “Kaya Ko Naman Ginagawa ang Lahat ng Ito ay Para Rin sa Inyo.”

Love is also a matter of priority. Love puts order. When there is no love there is disorder. Chaotic. Confusing. Love makes everything fall into its proper place. How can you have plenty of overtime at work but cannot even spend time with family? Somebody is into construction business but has yet to build a home. Which is which and which one comes first? It is always unfortunate that while you make sacrifices for the sake of your loved ones, chances these loved ones are being sacrificed in the process. Career or Lovelife? Study first and Love later? Abroad or Love? Getting rich or being in love?

Challenge No. 5: “Ang Hirap ng Magtiwala Muli… Sobrang Nasaktan Ako.”

Possibly, the biggest challenge in love is about “second chances”. Can a heart betrayed recover? Are you willing to re-accept a cheater? Are you gonna swallow your pride in order to start all over again? Like nothing has ever happened? Is this worth another try? Kaya bang lumaban kahit minsan naisip mo na ang ipinaglalaban mo ang una namang naduduwag na? Maraming tao ang concern lang sa yo na ‘wag na lang sana at baka masaktan ka lang uli, pero ikaw gusto mo pa ring balikan siya. Forgiveness is an uphill challenge.

Challenge No. 6: “Walang Pag-ibig”

Will you fall for a wrong person? How about for the wrong reason? If there are so many “wrongs”, why bother about love? The right love at the wrong time is no love at all. Love knows time. Love’s time is always perfect. Love is naturally at the right time with the right person for a right reason. Anything less is not only challenging but very problematic, to say the least. Love has all these challenges and more. It is this same love too that could weather any kind of challenge there is. Love is evermore worth the challenge. Ready to take on yours? Have a good one.