The trained coaches of LVP Arena Training and Fitness Center.

We all want to live a longer life. It is never a question whether we want to live long or not, it is about how, when and what we are going to do to live longer.

Getting an exercise is one of the greatest challenges this generation has been facing. The rat race is on and we are trapped in jobs that require a lot of sitting.

Berge Vence, one of the coaches of LVP Arena Training and Fitness Center in Puerto Princesa City, said that exercising is not about the physique that you may acquire through time. Exercise is about endurance and longevity.

“Exercise is about conditioning our muscle to let the blood flow after a long sitting position. Through exercise you can improve your breathing, posture and total body conditioning,” Coach Berge said.

Many are still having a hard time convincing themselves to hit the gym. Why? Because we lack the motivation to do it. They don’t see the need to do it. This brings us to the next question — Why go to the gym when you can do it in your home?

“In the gym, you have an instructor who would teach you the proper exercise and are able to meet people who can be your support system,” Coach Berge explained.

An hour in the gym is enough to make your day going. However, before you finally decide and pack your gym gear, you have to undergo first an assessment to check your health history so the coaches can design a program designed according to your limitations.

So, now that you have decided, what is your goal? Do you want to achieve six-pack abs, have a bigger and fuller butt, well-toned muscles?

At the LVP Arena Training & Fitness Center, there is what they call MetCon or Metabolic Conditioning that will teach you to learn proper exercises aimed at spiking or increasing your heart rate to eventually release body fats.

They hold MetCon classes every hour from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., Monday to Saturday. It is just an hour of your most precious time.

MetCon partner Randy Castro said that in order to keep your body in proper tone, attain endurance and longevity, you have to be consistent and committed to doing it on a regular basis.

“This is the biggest challenge. When you’re consistent in exercising it becomes a way of life,” Randy said.

The MetCon classes are for only P1,999.00 per month for one person. You better pull your friends to also enroll so you can avail the discount of only P1,499 per month per person. It is advised that you invite your friends to make your exercise more enjoyable.

The LVP Arena Training & Fitness Center is complete with all the gym equipment and trained instructors.

In fact, Coach Berge is Top 13 in the recent Fittest 2019 Contest of Affiliate Alliance, a community of coaches promoting health and wellness among Filipinos.

On June 2, Coach Berge and Coach Randy will also be part of the Manila Throwdown where their endurance will be put to the test in biking (spartan obstacles), weightlifting and in cardio.

Health is our number one wealth. Invest in it. Take care of it.

LVP Arena Training and Fitness Center is located at the corner of Fernandez and Abad Santos Streets, Puerto Princesa City. You may inquire by calling +63 946 164 3105 or visit their Facebook Page.

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