The Yamang Bukid farm’s “no work, just pure fun” 4th Agros Festival in honor of the hard work and dedication of its farmers and workers will be held on February 16, offering walk-in guests the chance to personally witness and experience the high-spirited celebration.

Started on July 22, 2018, Yamang Bukid administrative officer Glam Roduta said Agros is their signature day-long festival designed to basically build camaraderie and strong friendship among all of them.

“Agros or simply farmer’s day ay pagkilala sa lahat ng ating mga farmers. Hindi lamang ito sa mga magsasaka ng Yamang Bukid, kung hindi para na rin sa lahat ng mga farmers sa ating bansa. This is our way of showing gratitude sa kung ano ang kanilang kontribusyon para sa food security,” said Roduta.

Roduta said the celebration will also recognize the February birthday celebrators to wish them happiness and joy that never ends at the Yamang Bukid.

On event day, she said, all of Yamang Bukid — from the farmers, admin staff, production team (House of Kakanin) and operations to sales and marketing in different malls — will do no work, just play games, perform dance numbers, and enjoy each others’ company.

“Kapag Agros, lahat kami iisa. Para makapagpahinga kahit isang araw lang sa isang buwan na pagtatrabaho. Most especially the farmers na araw-araw laging babad sa initan. They deserve to be rewarded with rest” Roduta pointed out.

The games that will be played are truly Pinoy, he said, such as palo-sebo (climbing greasy bamboo pole), kadang-kadang (race using stilts made of thin wood strips or bamboo), sack race, and a lot more, which illustrate how farmers and their children spend time in the fields to relax and enjoy in the past.

Yamang Bukid farmers and workers playing the traditional barrio game palo-sebo during the 3rd Agros Festival on September 30, 2018, in Barangay Bacungan, Puerto Princesa City.

Visitors of the farm can participate in playing these traditional Pinoy games alongside their workers to further get an insight about how the farm in Bacungan village operates.

During the event, Roduta said Agros will also introduce Yamang Bukid’s “Trichoderma mushroom” laboratory, the newest addition in their growing farm features.

It will be a special house where the Trichoderma mushroom will be cultivated. Roduta said details of this new  project will be revealed on the day of the Agros celebration.

Meanwhile, Yamang Bukid farm manager Daniel Anjan said Agros is an opportunity for the management to indulge and take pleasure in the fact that their farmers and workers have smiles on their faces every time, serving their guests with positive frames of mind.

He said a positive attitude can make tourists happy and long to join in the fun or come back after visiting.

“Kapag iyong mga turista nakikita nila na naglalaro at nagkakasiyahan ang mga farmers, parang gusto din nila sumali at makisaya. Napagmamasdan nila iyong kahalagahan ng mga magsasaka sa ating community. Minsan pa nga iyong mga anak noong mga turista nakiki-join na din sa mga dancing farmers, sumasayaw at nakikipag-selfie. Ito ang imahe na gustong ipakita ni Yamang Bukid; na masaya kaming nagtatrabaho dahil may mga napapasaya din kaming mga tao,” Anjan said.

He explained that largely, Agros is not just about the celebration and public participation. Primarily, it is a “team building” activity for the Yamang Bukid community in order to strengthen the bond among its members to become effective promoters of agricultural tourism.

Anjan explained that in terms of Yamang Bukid’s business development, team building exercises matter not only because of the fun activities performed but the strengthening of group skills, enhancement of communication, and friendship and camaraderie.

When farmers and workers at the Yamang Bukid learn to become team players they gain improved leadership skills and high morale, become creative and often impart creative concepts and ideas, help increase positive organizational activities and participate in problem solving events by sharing innovative solutions.

“Napakalaking bagay na nagkaroon ng Agros dahil makikita mo ‘yong pagiging masayahin ng mga farmers, makikita mo kung paano sila makisama sa kapwa nila. Naging malaking bagay ito para magkaisa ang mga farmers at maging isang magandang komunidad ang Yamang Bukid,“ he said.

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