The reigning queen, Jemimah Joy Zabala, is featured in this Miss Puerto Princesa 2022 poster image. (Photo from the Miss Puerto Princesa FB page)

The following ladies are contending for the title of “Miss Puerto Princesa 2022.” The quest for the city’s most beautiful candidate to wear the coveted crown began Saturday night, February 19, with a media presentation at Hue Hotels & Resorts Puerto Princesa.

Miss Puerto Princesa is one of the events being held to mark the city’s 150th founding anniversary and the 18th Balayong Festival. The crowning of Puerto Princesa’s most prestigious pageant will take place on March 3, 2022, at the Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa, and will be streamed live on the Facebook pages/accounts of Miss Puerto Princesa and the City Information Office.

The Miss Puerto Princesa Organization chairperson is Mary Vanessa Guzman Tan.

All images on this website are from the Miss Puerto Princesa Facebook page.

She was named first runner-up in the Mutya ng Bagong Silang competition. She used to compete in street and hip-hop dance contests at her school before online classes began. Shanniah, who is 18 years old, also describes herself as a sporty girl because she loves volleyball. ADVOCACY: Women Empowerment

This young lady is pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher and is currently enrolled in her second year of a BS in Secondary Education with a Social Studies major. To help pay for her schooling, she works part-time as a promodizer in a supermarket. She is a strong and independent young woman and is an honor student. ADVOCACY: Plastic-Free Ocean

This 17-year-old beauty is a senior high student who hopes to one day work as a flight attendant. She enjoys reading novels, but do you know what she is more passionate about? Playing the well-known video game “Call of Duty”! She’s a Game Live Streamer, to be precise! ADVOCACY: Single Parents Empowerment

2019 Miss Inagawan at the age of 18, Myra is already a Queen Raketera! She helps her parents financially by selling different beauty products online. Despite having an active online business, she is still hands-on with her academics in senior high, where she is enrolled in the HUMSS-strand. ADVOCACY: Developing Childhood Education

Raezell is the eldest of her siblings and a self-confessed papa’s girl. This academically gifted 18-year-old sees herself as a future businesswoman. She’s now in senior high, studying ABM-strand and absorbing all the information she can to achieve her goal. ADVOCACY: Women Empowerment and Gender Equality

This 17-year-old lady characterizes herself as shy but thoughtful sometimes. She aspires to be an accountant or a business manager in the future, thus she is now enrolled in ABM-Strand in senior high. Emelyn feels that success is a journey rather than an event. ADVOCACY: Senior Citizen Care

This grade 12 student aspires to work as a flight attendant in the future. She devotes her time as the president of Altar-Servers in their local ministry in addition to her education. As a certified KPOP fan, the God-fearing Princess also enjoys dancing and singing BTS and Blackpink songs. ADVOCACY: Hope for the Homeless

19-year-old Julianne is a first-year college student majoring in Civil Engineering in order to follow in the footsteps of his dear uncle, a civil engineer who reared and encouraged her. When she’s anxious about her studies, she relaxes by cuddling her three adorable dogs. ADVOCACY: Environmental Awareness

Liezle, who is 20 years old, is a proud member of the PWD (Persons With Disabilities) organization. Despite her inborn orthopedic handicap on her right foot and the bullying, she excelled in school, finishing with honors from elementary to senior high school. In 2017, she was also named Miss Macarascas National High School. ADVOCACY: PWD Empowerment

This Grade 12 HUMMS student aspires to be a Filipino at Panitikan teacher one day, owing to her passion for and appreciation of the national language. Runaiza also enjoys dancing and reading, as well as sewing clothes and fishing nets that their family owns. ADVOCACY: Women Empowerment

This 22-year-old lady is a first-year college student pursuing a Bachelor of Physical Education in order to achieve her passion for sports and her desire of one day being a gymnastics coach. Additionally, she is an active member of their church. She was sent to Utah, Salt Lake City, in the United States of America, to serve as a church missionary for 18 months. ADVOCACY: Empowering Families with Mentally Ill Members

Since elementary school, this charming young woman has been a steady honor student. She is now a senior high STEM student. She enjoys reading and studying anything related to biology and aspires to be a surgeon in the future, where she will treat marginalized people by providing free and high-quality medical care. ADVOCACY: Self-love

This 19-year-old beauty comes from a family of doctors and is preparing to follow in their footsteps. She occasionally enjoys conducting scientific experiments. Theressa is also drawn to art, painting, and drawing when she has spare time. ADVOCACY: Student-Centric Education

Maria Rehina, 21, describes herself as an adventurous and outgoing person. She is an active member of the San Pedro Youth Volunteer program. She also worked as a freelance tour guide prior to the outbreak. She is currently pursuing her enthusiasm for adventure by enrolling in a BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management in order to pursue her dream of becoming an international flight attendant. ADVOCACY: Arising Sustainable Development in Disaster and Promoting Risk Reduction Preparedness

This first-time pageant candidate is a Grade 11 STEM student. To assist her family financially, she has a small internet business selling accessories, perfume, and other girly-stuff. Nice is a 17-year-old gymnast who enjoys dancing, traveling, and gymnastics. At the age of 14, she developed an interest in skateboarding alongside her friends. ADVOCACY: Awareness Against Teenage Pregnancy

Each summer, this young lady travels around the province of Palawan to teach children the gospel. Each weekend, she personally gathers Out-of-School Youths in her barangay to share the gospel and has formed a livelihood program to assist and empower adolescents and young parents. Jonalyn, 20, funds her school through hosting gigs and organizing weddings and debuts. ADVOCACY: Education

This charming young lady is a third-year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public administration. She is a seasoned local pageant winner, having won titles including Miss Mutya ng Buenavista in 2018 and Sta. Monica Ambassadress in 2020. Apart from studying, she juggles her time by working as a Customer Service Representative at a Call Center, selling sleepwear and Kikay merchandise online, and doing modeling engagements. ADVOCACY: Awareness and Youth Empowerment Against Teenage Pregnancy

Almera, 21, believes that life does not happen on its own, but that we must work to make it happen. That is why, along with her friends, they explore various mountains throughout Palawan in order to enjoy breathtaking landscapes. Through her adventures, she interacts with a number of indigenous communities. As a result, in 2019, she transformed each basic hiking session into an outreach program by providing free medicines, relief items, and hygiene kits to the indigenous peoples who live in the mountains they climb. ADVOCACY: Health and Education for Indigenous peoples

Nicole, 22, was crowned Mutya ng Palengke in 2016. She is a proud representative of the sellers in the public markets in the city, where her family operates a coconut grating business. She writes for her university’s student publication and competes in news writing competitions while in college. ADVOCACY: COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness

This 24-year-old charmer believes that in order to reach your goals, you must be self-sufficient enough to pursue them. She is now employed as a full-time Customer Service Representative in a call center and as an assistant manager in a tourist spot and restaurant in the city. ADVOCACY: Women Independence

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