Western Command is currently conducting a static display and photo exhibit at the activity area of SM City Puerto Princesa as part of its activities to celebrate National Heroes Day.

Being showcased on the mall’s upper ground level are several assets from the Armed Forces of the Philippines, along with photographs of other military resources.

Featured too are images of the islands within the West Philippine Sea that are under the occupation of Philippine soldiers.

Furthermore, the Command exhibit highlights entries from a painting competition arranged by the Marine Battalion Landing Team-3 in Roxas, Palawan.

During a short program for the official opening of the exhibit, Wescom’s top official honored past and present heroes for their contributions to the country.

During a message conveyed by Col. Gerald Naldoza, the Chief of Unified Command Staff, on behalf of Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos, the head of Wescom, it was conveyed that National Heroes Day stands as a somber testament to the sacrifices undertaken by historical heroes and their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the nation.

“Today, we gather not only to pay tribute to the valor and sacrifices of those who have cone before us but also to reaffirm our commitment to the ideals for which they fought and stood for,” the message said. “They have unwavering dedication and unparalleled courage. They understood that freedom is not given, but a privilege to be earned through the sweat, blood amd tears of those willing to lay down their lives for it.”

The Wescom chief’s message also stated that the event is not only meant for the soldiers themselves, but also for their families who have similarly sacrificed by supporting them throughout their journey.

He urged the soldiers to contemplate the deeper significance of heroism and to reaffirm their dedication to upholding the ideals for which past heroes have fought and given their lives.

The message from the Wescom commander expressed gratitude to those who are heroes in their own right for their service.

“Thank hou for your dedication, your sacrifices and unwavering commitment, as we continue to serve and protect our great nation,” he concluded.