Universal Robina Corp. (URC), one of the country’s largest food and beverage companies, triumphed in Thailand as two of its brands—Fun-O and Tivoli—recently claimed top honors in the biscuit and wafer categories at the 2023 Top Influential Brands Awards by Influential Brands Singapore.

Tanant Suwanraks, vice president & general manager of URC Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, stated that the awards serve as a confirmation of their company’s dedication to providing high-quality products and remaining updated with changing consumer tastes.

“At URC, we drive product innovation to infuse vibrancy and differentiation into our existing product portfolio,” said Suwanraks.

Fun-O and Tivoli were chosen based on a thorough poll that included 600 customers from Generations Z and Y.

They were recognized for their exceptional quality, good value for money, and broad appeal among consumers.

Looking ahead, URC has announced an ambitious marketing campaign in 2024 to cement Fun-O and Tivoli’s position as Thailand’s snack leaders. The promotion features lucrative fortunate draws with prizes totaling over 4.3 million baht, as well as the launch of intriguing new tastes such as Fun-O Lava Chocolate Cookie and Tivoli Selected mint chocolate.

Further bolstering their market presence, URC has enlisted renowned Thai personalities Ble Patumrach and Joey Phuwasit as brand ambassadors for Fun-O and Tivoli, respectively, emphasizing a commitment to spreading joy and connection through their products.

“These partnerships underscore our commitment to delivering boundless joy throughout the year,” Suwanraks said.

In the Philippines, URC continues to thrive with iconic brands such as Great Taste, C2 Cool & Clean, Piattos, Maxx candy, and Cream-O cookies, which have been cherished by Filipinos for generations.

As one of ASEAN’s largest food and beverage manufacturers, URC’s regional footprint continues to expand, driven by its leading brands including Lexus, Tivoli, and Fun-O.