In this photo, Mrs. Rhea Regina Escarcha (3rd from the left), the wife of TOWWEST commander Brigadier General Erick Escarcha (first from the right), is seen alongside the participants of the art workshop. In the foreground are the artworks created by the participants during the workshop. (Photo courtesy of TOWWEST)

The Tactical Operations Wing West (TOWWEST) recently hosted an art workshop centered around the idea of repurposing and upcycling wood scraps to create unique artworks, which could double as souvenirs and mementos, thus effectively raising awareness about environmental preservation.

Named “Likha-Sining Para sa Kalikasan,” the art workshop initiative was under the guidance of Mrs. Rhea Regina Escarcha, the wife of TOWWEST commander Brigadier General Erick Escarcha. The workshop took place from August 7 to 15 and was a collaborative effort involving the Antonio Bautista Air Base Officers and Enlisted Personnel Ladies Clubs.

TOWWEST said on Wednesday in a post that Mrs. Escarcha played an important role in leading the project. Her artistic expertise served as a motivation, helping participants create distinctive wooden pieces adorned with painted concepts that resonated with the commemoration of 400 Years of Christianity in Palawan.

Under the theme “Sustainable Artistry: Training in the Art of Upcycling Using Scraps from Nature for Environmental Conservation,” the workshop was all about practicing creative sustainability through upcycling.

“Beyond artistic skills, the workshop aimed to equip air sentinels with the ability to create personalized mementos for TOWWEST visitors, while also setting an exemplary standard of eco-friendly practices and resourcefulness. This approach not only enables TOWWEST to save costs but also results in more meaningful mementos crafted from nature itself,” TOWWEST said.

TOWWEST said this means turning leftover natural materials, such as old wood and recycled items, into new and useful things instead of throwing them away.

It added that the focus of the workshop was to teach participants how to be creative while also taking care of the environment.