The Bataraza police recently arrested two men who are suspects in a rare case of armed robbery in the province.

According to the police, the suspects, both residents of Rizal, were part of a group of seven men who robbed a store in Barangay Sumbiling, Bataraza at gunpoint and carted away some P20,000 worth of jewelry and P50,000 in cash.

The suspects were identified as Abayhon Amaton Engging, a fisherman, and farmer Newar Moloskoy Enlaman. Both are reported to be residents of Barangay Tagbita, Rizal.

They were reportedly part of a 7-man group that robbed victims Suraida Abdulpatta Nassad, 30, Alphie Nassad, 34, and Juhairie Abdulpatta, 70, after pretending to buy gasoline from their store on July 29, 2021, at about 9 p.m., according to a report issued by the Palawan Police Provincial Office (PPPO) through P/Maj. Ric Ramos.

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Still at large are suspects Arkan Cesar, Pacente Tarabia, Pinoy Dungkaling, Eddie Tabligan, and a certain alias “Angga”. 

Suraida told police investigators that she and her father, Juhairie, were inside their home when the gang came to supposedly purchase gasoline. On the other hand, her husband Alphie was outside fixing his motorbike.

One of the suspects allegedly pulled a gun and pointed it at her husband, she said. Others broke into their house, where their store is also situated, and threatened them with guns, demanding they give their money, jewelry, and other valuable items.

The report said the victims immediately sought police assistance that resulted in the arrest of Engging and Enlaman.

During the body search of Enlaman, responding officers were able to recover an Armscor Caliber.38 revolver without a serial number, a sling bag, four pieces of full metal live ammunition for caliber .45, and a Euro motorcycle from the possession of the suspect.

The Bataraza police have begun a manhunt operation to capture the other suspects.

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