Imagine a silent summer getaway in a remote beach located afoot a high mysterious mountain. Think about this – you just woke up, your friends are still asleep tired from last night’s star gazing, you opened your tent, and you are greeted with warm morning sun and an endless view of the ocean, sea breeze brushing your hair, soft powdery sand kissing your toes – isn’t it a dream? Yes, and this is also Binga Beach!

Binga Beach Experience

When the summer kicked off, my friends Omo, Judd, MV, Marvin, Riz, Ferds and I joined David and Stephen in Binga Beach, a paradise hidden a hundred miles away from Puerto Princesa City. Located at San Vicente and tucked between the mysterious Mt. Capoas and the West Philippine Sea, Binga Beach is a summer heaven everyone needs to fulfill that dream vacation, to go back to the basic and to reconnect with nature and the universe… and here’s what we experienced!

Frolic on the beach, cool down in the river

In its own special way, the ocean somehow heals me. It has a power to strip away my worries and it frees me from my weekday concerns. Binga beach gave me all of these that very weekend, complete with the finest sand you may ever touch in Palawan – sparkly and soft at the same time, calm breeze, silent ambiance and tall coconuts looking excited about the summer.

Sunset and bonfire by the beach

A lot of friends I have right now knows that I love waiting for sunset and just stare at it as it bids goodbye to the daylight. Somehow, that very sunset at that very beach is different. Instead of chilling with a bottle of beer and travel stories, we joined the coastal community fish on the shore – and it was one of the most memorable and meaningful sunsets we had so far.

Chasing Milky way

Our night in Binga Beach was like this – bonfires, beers, deep talks, poetry, guitar, star gazing and milky way photography – take a look!

Glamping and camping

Sleeping in a tent or a hammock is a must try and Binga beach is the perfect place to experience it.  You may camp on the clearing near the fruit trees, below the swaying coconuts near the mangrove area or in front of the beach. During our stay, we opted to snooze on the clearing and dozed off into a dreamless restful sleep.

Island Hopping, snorkeling and kayaking

Energized for the day ahead, our team, still together with Stephen and David, visited Imuruan Island, a piece of uninhabited heaven located an hour of boat ride away from Binga proper. This island is surrounded by tall coconut and colorful Indian almond (talisay) trees, white sand beach and is the best place to spot sea turtles! Ferds saw three!

Our group then went back near the beachfront, snorkeled and enjoyed the free (free!) kayak all to ourselves with the endless view of long beach and the imposing Mt. Capoas on the north.

Side trip at peak view

Also known as Bato ni Ningning, this hilltop is a must go if you plan to visit San Vicente. Surrounded with cogon grass, you may climb up the round rock and enjoy the view of the long beach stark white in contrast with the different blues of the ocean by the west and greens of the plains by the east.

How to get there

Binga Beach is located in Barangay Binga, San Vicente, Palawan, 4 to 5 hours of driving from Puerto Princesa City. This can be reached via Recaro Vans (PHP 350) traveling directly from San Jose Terminal every 830 HH and returns to Puerto Princesa City every 700 HH. It is advisable to make an early reservation to secure a seat at +639664358033/ +639464340612/ +639098457626 and +639278070372. This can also be reached via private vehicles, preferably with 4-wheel drive through  this map .  If you are planning to visit, contact one of the Partner and Property Manager of Binga Beach, Mr. David Le Smith at +639458317501, +639991162733 and or visit https:/


Just some reminders: you can bring your own food and drinking water or you may buy it in at Liminangcong, San Vicente; Binga beach is currently setting up their glamping tents so bring your own tent and hammock or just communicate with David; Network signal for Globe is available (yep, with LTE); the cost of the boat is PHP 3,000+ for the entire day, and lastly, please LEAVE NO TRACE.