Palawan Tourism Council (PTC) is eyeing the development of more tourist destinations in every municipality under the sustainable tourism principle, its new set of officers said.

Rey Felix Rafols, PTC’s new president, said the primary goal is to make every municipality a tourism destination for visitors while maintaining the integrity of the environment.

“Right now, Palawan is known for being the best island in the world and as you can see our logo [in PTC] says ‘Every Island is an Adventure’, one of our goals is really to promote the municipalities all over Palawan with what beauty they have to offer,” he said.

Visitors normally said three days or five days is not enough to visit Palawan, Rafols added.

All municipalities, he said, have a lot to offer such as Balabac, where beautiful island destinations are located.



“As you can see all municipalities have a lot to offer such as Balabac. We have so many friends who want to see it. We want to showcase and promote every municipality because we believe there are a lot of unique things in them that are worth visiting, worth experiencing,” Rafols said.

Rafols also said that tourism-related businesses are also included in their plan to develop.

“We really want them to feel the world-class level. Gusto natin kapag pumunta sila dito ay ganoon ang pakiramdam nila, they feel the warmth of the Pinoy. Kaya gusto natin i-provide lahat ng adventure sa bawat lugar dito,” he said.

Deborah Tan of Daluyon, who was former president but is now the PTC treasurer, said they are committed to reaching the goal despite the threat of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

“We have to work hard to bring in more tourists. Particularly this time, we are in a difficult situation, we have so many cancelled flights,” she said.

PTC is a special body for the tourism sector since 1996 as recognized by the provincial government.