Palawan, the Milwaukee Bucks are on a roll in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Sweeping the Detroit Pistons 4-0 on their first-round playoff matchup behind a dominant performance run from the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo and a no non-sense blue-collar support cast led by Eric Bledsoe, Kris Middleton, and Brook Lopez, the Bucks have marched to the second round with plenty of time to rest before the start of the semifinal phase.

Personally, I feel that on top of Giannis powerful MVP type season, the addition of head coach Mike Budenholzer has added a different kind of winning attitude to the Bucks. A disciple of Greg Popovich’s coaching boot camp, Budenholzer has made the most of the Bucks talents, masterfully adding a few pieces like Pao Gasol and Nikola Mirotic late in the season to add more playoff bench depth. In typical Pop fashion, he makes the most of his deep bench, rotating 9-10 players at the very least whilst maintaining a cohesive and robust ball rotation that guarantees open spots for shooters all over.

At this point, however, the Bucks can rest on their laurels as waiting on the side are an equally dominant team in the Boston Celtics…..

Celtics vs Bucks

This is a matchup made in basketball heaven. Two of the powerhouse teams in the East this year. Expect a slug off, a potential game 7 in the making for this series.

Man for man… it’s basically even:

Kyrie Irving vs Eric Bledsoe … they cancel each other out

Jalen Brown vs Malcolm Brogdon …. Another good matchup that cancels out

Aaron Baynes vs Brook Lopez …. Lopez would have a small advantage here

Al Horford vs Giannis Antetokounpo …. A good matchup.  Advantage: Giannis MVP play

Jayson Tatum vs Kris Middleton …. A toss up, very equally matched

Celtics vs Bucks Bench…. The Celtics would parade a plethora of multidimensional players such as Marcus Morris, Gordon Hayward, Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier against the Bucks more traditional bench of George Hill, Ersan Ilyasova, Nikola Mirotic, Tony Snell and Pao Gasol. The sixth to the tenth man on the Celtics and Bucks rosters can easily make the starting line up of any regular NBA team.

If there’s one dynamic that will swing to the Bucks’ favor, it is the fact that Giannis is a cut above the rest this year. He can dominate a ball game very much like how he punished the Pistons in game 4 with a 41 point performance.

Yours truly feels it will be a Bucks – Raptors match up for the Eastern Conference Final.

Earthquake in Luzon and Visayas

This may not be related to sports but I wish that the nation supports areas that have been hit by magnitude 6+ earthquake incidents over in Zambales (which was felt also in Northern Luzon) and Samar just recently.

Its best that we stay alert on the event of an occurrence. Some offices in Manila and Tarlac have done proper evacuation procedure making sure that their buildings are secure before letting people back. Its always good to also have a survival kit of food, medicine, clothing and water to stack up just to be prepared.

Palawan, we have been fortunate enough to be spared of this kind of natural disaster but its always good to be prepared… always be prepared for the absolute worse-case scenario. Share videos, pass messages on safety, educate the kids, etc.

It is always good to be on the safe side being prepared on the event of fire, flooding, draught, and yes, earthquakes. Safety first!

(The writer is a senior leader of the only Business Process Outsourcing Contact Center Company in Puerto Princesa)


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