Photo shows the snake that caused the major power failure on Thursday night which lasted until 1 a.m. (Photo courtesy of Claire Guludah FB/PALECO)

A snake that made its way up to a National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) transmission line tower in Barangay Isaub, Aborlan, is the culprit that caused the major power failure in the city Thursday night for almost two hours.

The burnt body of the snake was found hanging on Tower 167, according to a post on Friday by Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO) spokesperson Clarina Guludah.

“Tower 167 at Isaub, Aborlan climbed by a snake. Cause of transmission line fault yesterday that resulted to total blackout [sic],” she said in her post.

The snake intrusion triggered a line fault which caused the transmission to trip. Power was restored around 1 a.m.

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