(PN file photo)

Six persons were arrested during an illegal cockfighting activity on Sunday, February 11, in Barangay Barotuan, El Nido, Palawan.

The arrested suspects were identified as Alias Ed, 30; Alias Bert, 38; Alias Dan, 31; Alias Pappy, 27; and Alias Nel, 57, all residents of Barangay Barotuan, and Alias Lito, 63, residing in Barangay Bucana.

According to the police report, the suspects were caught in the act of engaging in tupada, or illegal cockfighting, which violates P.D. 1602, also known as the Illegal Gambling Act.

Seized from their possession were gaffs or tari, a fighting cock, and betting money totaling P600.0p.

The apprehended individuals were taken to the El Nido Municipal Police Station for documentation and appropriate legal proceedings.

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