Residents of Brgy. Bagong Silang collect sacks of wet trash and coastal debris for disposal. (Photo by @Dietroi Rubio Dimanalata)

The city government successfully hosted a well-attended repeat of its “Save the Puerto Princesa Bays” program on Saturday, gathering a large contingent of local volunteers for an extensive coastal clean-up in Barangay Bagong Silang, a densely populated coastal area downtown.

“The save the bay event, a project aimed at preserving and cleaning coastal waters, attracted volunteers from a diverse range of groups. This included government offices, armed forces personnel, police, civic organizations, local residents, academia, and youth organizations.

A highlight of the activity was the use of mud balls, specially crafted spheres containing beneficial microorganisms. When thrown into the water, these mud balls help combat pollution by breaking down harmful substances.

Participants released 2,300 mudballs into the waters of Brgy. Bagong to combat pollution in the bay.

With the overwhelming participation, organizers formed around 50 teams of 20 volunteers each to clean the coast and collect shoreline debris.

Mayor Lucilo Bayron stressed the city government’s aim to increase residents’ awareness about climate change and underscored the importance of restoring love for nature, noting the benefits that can be gained when oceans are clean.

“Ito ay daan para maibalik ang pagmamahal natin sa kalikasan gayundin ang magiging pakinabang natin dito kapag nalinis natin ang ating karagatan,” Bayron said.

Festivities began early in the morning with a Zumba event, followed by the Eco-kolek information campaign detailing the group’s mission on proper household waste segregation, and a brief program during which participants signed a commitment wall.

Reynaldo Taneo, the barangay captain of Bagong Silang, emphasized the significance of a healthy coastline. He noted that residents of the barangay had initiated cleanup activities even before the main event and would persist in their efforts after its conclusion.

The inaugural save the bays program took place in Brgy. Mandaragat on July 29. The next episode is scheduled for Brgy. San Pedro on August 26.