One person managed to escape, while another was thwarted from fleeing by the very victims of a robbery incident that took place over the weekend along the South National Highway in Barangay Inagawan Sub-colony, Puerto Princesa City.

According to a report from the city police office on Monday morning, Noli Rogelio de Torres, a 42-year-old construction worker, was prevented from escaping the scene around 11:35 p.m. on July 29 by the victims themselves, identified as father and son Pendin Jomari Astin, 54, and Jeffrey Lihidan Astin, 27.

Meanwhile, his accomplice known only as alias Jojo managed to escape, allegedly carrying the stolen items from the victims, which included cash amounting to P13,000 and a smartphone.

The Puerto Princesa City Police Office stated that during the incident, the victims were asleep in their barracks when they were awakened by a noise and noticed that the tarpaulin serving as their wall or “dingding” had been detached.

Realizing that a cellphone was missing, they swiftly began searching for it, intending to use it as a flashlight. Upon stepping outside, they encountered De Torres and alias Jojo. Although the latter managed to escape, they successfully apprehended De Torres.

They recovered a wallet containing P156 from the suspect, but the P13,000 cash and a Huawei cellphone were missing, leading them to suspect that these items were taken away by the at-large suspect.

The police are conducting a follow-up investigation to apprehend the other suspect.

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