A retro-themed party will happen in the city this month, opening the chance for residents born between 1945-1975 to step back in time and experience again the exciting rhythms and grooves of the past iconic decades.

Dubbed “Puerto RETRO Party”, Sam Bacaltos, one of the organizers, said recreating the 60s, 70s, and early 80s eras will happen on February 29 at Dang Maria’s in Barangay Bancao-Bancao from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Organizers are expecting those who will come to be in attires that are “in period styles”.

Bacaltos said the event will be a festival of memories aimed at celebrating the exciting years gone by, at least for most residents of the city in the “age group”.

“We are looking at a small gathering of a closely-knitted circle of friends that can help sustain the wonderful memories of decades past,” he said.

He said the idea came up from their private social media group, a virtual space where city old-timers gather to reminisce their youthful days.

Bacaltos said the Puerto RETRO Party was the result of their reunion and a common love for the culture and traditions of the years that were.

“Its primary mission is simply to celebrate the memorable and youthful days of our lives in a festival of memories by gathering the members of this private group into a retro party reunion,” Bacaltos said.

“Also part of the reason why we came up with this group is to share our joys and our hopeless romantic nature with others by posting favorite songs in all genres that we wish. Songs that continue to touch our social lives and formed camaraderie among our lifetime friends since our younger days,” he added.

The party will feature a venue decorated in psychedelic colors, bell-bottom jeans, Mod fashion, vintage dance styles, and hit songs of popular retro singers and bands among others.

He added that they are doing their best to hire a live band with the help of prospective generous sponsors.

“With all the stresses of the modern world — from the activities of our daily grind, like family duties, work, threat to the environment, and to our health like the present ncoV plaguing the world, natural disasters, etc. — many of us long for those years gone by when life was easy and people were friendly. Thanks to the non-existent social media in those days. With that said, what better way to take some time off from these modern-day life stresses than to have a retro party and reminisce with long time friends in a trip down memory lane through songs and dances of our dynamic youthful days,” he said.

Bacaltos said the Puerto RETRO Party will not be selling tickets, but a contribution affordable to everyone will be required for the assisted buffet. This does not include cocktails and other beverages.


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