Renowned and acclaimed violinist and musician John Lesaca is taking a stand against cancer, reemerging in the public eye as an advocate to promote awareness.

With cancer hitting close to home, Lesaca endeavors to use his platform to educate and inspire others about the importance of early detection and cancer prevention.

Lesaca to share advocacy at the CCE Summit
One such cancer, cervical cancer, remains a global public health concern despite being preventable. Through vaccination and early detection, the incidence of cervical cancer can be significantly reduced. And so, just as he has spoken to audiences through his music, Lesaca also hopes to get through to audiences the important message of cervical cancer prevention to help save lives through the first Cervical Cancer Elimination (CCE) Summit in the Philippines.

This event aims to address issues surrounding cervical cancer, bringing together experts, advocates, and community leaders to advance strategies for eradication and raise awareness about prevention and treatment. Lesaca’s presence at the pioneering summit is set to bring a powerful message of hope and resilience to those in attendance.

Lesaca, a cancer patient himself, will share his advocacy at the CCE Summit, underscoring the summit’s mission to eliminate cervical cancer. His participation highlights the intersection of art and advocacy, demonstrating how influential figures can leverage their platforms to drive significant social change.

He believes more can be done to ease the burden on cancer patients and their families, and that immediate action is necessary as cancer waits for no one. Additionally, he emphasizes that collective effort and cooperation, driven by humanity, are essential in fighting cancer together.

Lesaca’s unwavering commitment to both music and cancer education exemplifies the spirit of the summit, fostering a collective effort to create a future free of cervical cancer.

The 1st Philippine Cervical Cancer Elimination Summit
In the Philippines, around 40 million women aged 15 and older are at risk of developing cervical cancer. Annually, an estimated 8,549 women are diagnosed with the disease, and 12 Filipinas die from it each day. Cervical cancer ranks as the 2nd most frequent cancer among women between 15 and 44 in the Philippines.

Thanks to medical innovations, cervical cancer has become largely preventable through vaccination and screening. With this, healthcare company MSD in the Philippines reaffirms its strong commitment to empowering women to take charge of their health by intensifying its disease awareness efforts and education campaigns to combat cervical cancer.

Building on over a decade of the HPV Summit legacy, the first Philippine Cervical Cancer Elimination Summit takes place in line with Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. The CCE Summit will underscore the urgency of achieving the World Health Organization (WHO)’s ambitious targets—known as the 90-70-90 strategy—for immunization, screening, and treating cervical cancer.

With a comprehensive approach to prevent, screen, and treat, cervical cancer can be eliminated as a public health problem by 2030 according to the WHO. The summit will spotlight the commitment of stakeholders across diverse sectors to contribute towards the realization of cervical cancer elimination.

Join the Cause
The CCE Summit marks a crucial step in the battle against cervical cancer in the Philippines. Advocates like John Lesaca, alongside multiple public and private stakeholders, highlight the influential role that public figures and advocates can play in promoting awareness and inspiring change.

Lesaca urges everyone to get involved whether they are healthcare providers, policymakers, advocates, or concerned citizens because their contribution to CCE is indispensable.

He said that together, significant progress can be made towards a future without cervical cancer. Let us join forces to prevent, detect, and treat cervical cancer, paving the way for a healthier and brighter future for all Filipino women.

His profound impact on the Philippine music scene, marked by technical proficiency and expressive playing, has earned him widespread acclaim and numerous prestigious awards, including the Aliw Award for Best Instrumentalist and the Gawad CCP Award for Music.

His musical journey, distinguished by performances with the Manila Symphony Orchestra and appearances on popular television programs such as “Concert at the Park” and “Aawitan Kita,” has long showcased his outstanding ability to blend classical techniques with modern styles.

This versatility has made the violin more accessible to a broader audience, enhancing his status as a household name in the Philippines.