A water refilling station places a small faucet outside for anyone who wants to use treated wastewater for washing clothes, watering plants and even for taking a bath.

A refilling station is giving away its treated wastewater to the public to help remedy the need for supply now that there is water scarcity in the city.

Joshua Gonzalo Villarin, franchisee of J.C. Aqua Best Refilling Station, said Friday that their treated wastewater can be used for washing clothes, watering plants and even for taking a bath.

Villarin said he placed a small faucet outside his water refilling station for his clients and other residents who might be interested to take advantage of the resource.

Joshua Gonzalo Villarin, franchisee of J.C Aqua Best Refilling Station narrates his intention on giving free waste water to the residents of Puerto Princesa.

“Personally, gusto ko lang din talaga makatulong sa tao. Sabi ko maybe this is a chance to kahit papaano in my own simple way ay makatulong. Nakita ko ngayon ‘yong opportunity for me na makatulong kahit papaano,” Villarin said.

Villarin, whose refilling station has been operating for 19 months, said they need an average of 6,000 liters of unprocessed and raw water daily to produce 300 containers for their clients.

From this, only a total of 40 percent is processed as drinking water and 60 percent or 3,600 liters are for throwaway.

“Basically, what we need, for example, is to produce 100 containers, five gallons, we need 2,000 liters na raw water, unprocessed. In order for us to produce 100, we need to process that and then only 40 percent of that is ‘yong for drinking consumption. Sixty percent ay natatapon lang, considered as wastewater but still suitable for washing clothes, pambahay or taking a bath,” he explained.

He said they have been giving free treated wastewater since March 16 and a minimum of 10 individuals have been availing their offer daily.

Villarin said they have not imposed a limit on how much water an individual can take from their refilling station because they do not see the need.

He said they will continue to do it even if there is no longer a water crisis in the city.

Meanwhile, the Puerto Princesa City Water District (PPCWD) did not expect there will be initiatives like what J.C. Aqua Best Refilling Station did to help provide water in the middle of the crisis.

PPCWD acting information officer Jenn Rausa said Villarin’s enterprising act of good deed should be emulated because of the difficulty in the water supply.

“Di namin inaasahan na may magkukusa para tumulong. Sa mga nakakaintindi nga ng situation natin ngayon na ine-express nila through saving water or leaving comments sa aming Facebook page, natutuwa na kami, how much more ‘yong mismong mag-act na para tulungan ‘yong residents natin. Makikita pa rin  natin dito ‘yong pagkamatulungin ng mga Pinoy. Highly appreciated namin ‘yon lalo na ‘yong area na ‘yon banda ay hirap sa water,” Rausa said.

Rausa said it would be nice if the other refilling stations in the city would follow  J.C. Aqua Best Refilling Station’s initiative.

Individuals who want to get free wastewater must bring their containers and visit their water refilling station located at Manalo Extension, near the Puerto Princesa Pilot Elementary School. It is open from 8 a.m. in the morning to 5 p.m., Monday to Sunday.

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