The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) has warned that consuming all types of shellfish and Acetes sp. from Puerto Princesa Bay will be dangerous due to the presence of paralytic shellfish poison (PSP) or toxic red tide that is beyond the regulatory limit.

In  Shellfish Bulletin No. 12 it issued on Friday (April 30), BFAR said latest laboratory results from shellfish samples gathered from the bay show the presence of red tide toxins that are dangerous to human health. Harvesting, selling, buying, and consuming all types of shellfish are banned.

Fish, squid, shrimps, and crabs are safe provided they are fresh and washed thoroughly and their internal organs, gills, and intestines are removed.

Honda Bay, also in Puerto Princesa, and the Inner Malampaya Sound in Taytay, northern Palawan remain free from red tide, said BFAR.