(Photo courtesy of the Puerto Princesa City Information Department)

Puerto Princesa City celebrated Wednesday the 51st World Environment Day, an annual event every June 5 that aims to raise awareness and encourage action for environment protection around the world.

The event was put together by the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (City ENRO), and its theme was focused on restoring land, stopping pollution, and being able to handle drought.

In his message, Atty. Carlo Gomez, chief of the City Environmental and Natural Resources Office (ENRO), pointed out the paramount importance of environmental stewardship to city leaders and other attendees.

He stated that caring for the environment is not just a duty but a shared responsibility that transcends individual interests. He stressed that safeguarding the environment is not only essential for the present generation but also for the well-being and prosperity of future generations.

Forester Alexander Mancio, representing the Green Justice Zone and serving in the local CENRO, emphasized the significance of various environmental initiatives.

He discussed the important role of tree planting, the necessity of raising awareness about soil health and sustainable land management, and the importance of advocating for policies aimed at environmental protection and the promotion of sustainable practices.

Mancio stated that actions like tree planting, soil health education, and policy advocacy for environmental protection are valuable in combating climate change, offering communities and leaders the opportunity to mitigate its effects.

The event program included the opening of an exhibit and commitment wall through a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The exhibit showcased photographs featuring the state of the environment in the city and steps taken by the city government in environmental conservation.

Participants also wrote their commitments on the wall, pledging to care for and prioritize the importance of the environment.