A resolution urging all municipal government of Palawan to construct underground storage rooms in their municipal buildings to safeguard public records and documents was approved Tuesday at the provincial board.

Authored by Board Members (BMs) Cherry Pie Acosta and Ryan Maminta, this proposed resolution was titled “A Resolution Urging All Municipal Governments of Palawan to Establish Municipal Archives or Permanent Government Repository for Proper Management and Control of Local Governmental Documents and Public Records”.

Acosta said they are strongly recommending that this repository be constructed underground of the government offices of the municipalities.

“Alam natin na every office they have storerooms siguro, they are using steel cabinet. But what is stipulated in one of the where-asses [of the resolution], kailangan natin na siguro ‘yong basement o underground in all offices, where all [the] documents and records can be accommodated and stored. Iyan ang gusto nating mangyari sa nasabing proposed resolution,” said Acosta during the regular session Tuesday.

“It is necessary also for good governance and decisions of policymakers as a guide for governing and everything about the community,” said Maminta, explaining the importance of preserving public files and documents.

Maminta also added that this resolution is pursuant to Republic Act (RA) 9470 otherwise known as the “National Archives of the Philippines Act of 2007”.

Acosta said this is important that if ever the provincial government asks for a copy of any municipal records, they could easily retrieve and provide one.

Acosta said this resolution is aimed to safe keep, protect, and preserve all the important documents and records of both local and provincial governments.

She said this is deemed necessary to keep intact and ensure that all the files survive in case of any eventualities such as fire, typhoon, flood, and other calamities.