Two individuals were apprehended on Sunday, July 2, in Brgy. Marangas, Bataraza, Palawan, for their involvement in an illicit cockfighting event commonly referred to as “Tampor.”

Police authorities identified them as farmers Jiriel Casi Dauno, 41-year-old, and Apolinario Panganiban Sarahina, 56-year-old. Both of them are residents of the said barangay.

The Bataraza Municipal Police Station (MPS) discovered the unlawful event while investigating a reported case of illegal logging in the area.

During the operation, four injured fighting cocks, two fifty-peso bills, three one-hundred-peso bills, and one five-hundred-peso bill were seized from the apprehended individuals.

The suspects, along with the confiscated evidence, were transported to the Bataraza MPS for proper handling.

Charges for violation of PD 1602 are being prepared against them and will be filed at the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor in Palawan.