PCSD conducts a press conference to discuss about the international conference on biosphere and sustainability, and other environment-related topics.

Around 100 researchers and scientists from different parts of the world are in the city to attend the International Conference on Biosphere and Sustainability from July 24 to 26.

Nelson Devanadera, executive director of the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD), said the forum will focus mainly on science, technology, research, innovation, and development.

He said the international conference will be about sharing of ecosystem conservation ideas and technologies that could be applied in Palawan.

“There are conservation practices that could be converted into development. Ang challenge dito ay how we can mobilize more people to participate in biodiversity conservation so that we would be able to ensure that conservation and development will go together,” Devanadera said.

The conference will feature 90 speakers from South Korea, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and the Philippines.

The sessions are divided into four themes namely Biosphere Reserves, Climate Change Resilience and Sustainability; Ecological and Biophysical Systems; Human and Environment Systems; and Economic Systems, Innovation, and Technology.

“The scientists are with us from the international, national, and local levels who are participating so that technologies can be disseminated to all. We will document all these best practices for Palawan. We will dive into some specific aspects. Some of these practices are already in place, so some of them na we can learn lessons from na hindi pa nagagawa sa ibang lugar at sa Palawan, gagawin [natin],” Devanadera also said.