President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. wants a simple occasion on his second State of the Nation address scheduled on July 24, 2023 before the members of Congress.

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. intends his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) before Congress on July 24 as a basic report to the Filipino people on his first year in office, while offering government aid in Pampanga province Monday.

“It’s really very simple. It’s just a performance report for Filipinos to see – sa dami ng mga pronouncements, sa dami ng mga salita, kung ito ba ay talagang may kabuluhan o salita lamang,” Marcos said.

Marcos stated that he aims to demonstrate what he accomplished in one year based on the initiatives and projects he mentioned in his previous SONA and what the public can expect from his government in the future.

He stated in his previous SONA that he would like to achieve the following goals in his administration: food security, improved transportation, affordable and clean energy, health care, education, social services, sound fiscal management, and bureaucratic efficiency.

Marcos can be expected to point out before the members of Congress about the positive results of his foreign travels to lure investments in the country in order to create more jobs.

“That’s what I want to explain to the people — that we have made significant progress. We can see the difference now not only in terms of how the system works, how the government works,” Marcos said.

The president expressed confidence that the country had gained better impressions on his foreign travels last year as there were good responses on investments.

“It is also in how we are now seen or judged in the international community. That’s equally important,” Marcos said.

But Marcos did not mention anything on the contentious issue of the West Philippine Sea.

Workers in Congress are now busy on its final preparations for the SONA of Marcos on Monday July 24.

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