Slater Young explains the concept of "The Rise at Monterrazas" in his video posted on August 24. (Screenshot from Slater Young FB page)

Social media users are expressing disapproval towards former Pinoy Big Brother housemate, construction company owner, and content creator Slater Young for his recently unveiled real estate project, “The Rise at Monterrazas,” in Cebu, which they believe carries potential environmental hazards for the surrounding community.

Three days ago, Slater revealed his upscale project through his social media accounts, explaining to his followers that he temporarily halted content creation on YouTube to focus solely on crafting the detailed model for the project inspired by the Banaue rice terraces.

They plan to build it on the mountainside with three guiding principles: architectural innovation that stands out in Cebu and the Philippines, functionality with user benefits, and a strong focus on sustainability.

“We have had several iterations to get to this point,” he said. “This whole thing, actually, took us to maybe around 300 different versions.”

(Perspective image from Monterrazas de Cebu)

Interestingly, Slater is promoting the project to be something akin to “working with nature,” similar to how Filipinos created the Banaue rice terraces.

“We got inspired by the Banaue rice terraces, so instead of a normal building that’s typically straight up and down, we kind of like worked with the terrain. We just pushed everything towards the terrain and just followed the flow of the mountain,” he said.

Slater explained that by repositioning a substantial section of the intended structure against the mountainside and adapting to the natural terrain, they achieved a fluid and unrestricted design.

It’s not just the positive aspect of his project; he also claimed that due to the structure being distributed across the mountainside, it becomes considerably safer and with a reduced environmental impact.

However, netizens asserted that the “The Rise at Monterrazas” falls significantly short of constituting sustainable development concerning environmental considerations and social impacts.

“The ‘Banaue inspired’ design of Slater Young is breathtaking, but the irony of having a green architecture agenda while destroying the natural environment. In exchange for what? A luxury condo hotel. It’s a no for me,” Twitter account @chrsdltr commented.

Numerous also raised doubts about whether Slater understands the contradiction in advocating for green architecture while causing the actual destruction of a mountainside.

While they acknowledged the project’s impressive nature, they emphasized that once the mountain it’s constructed on is ravaged, its natural beauty cannot be regained through any monetary means.

They also indirectly criticized his engineering abilities by making a sharp observation that whenever he posts, he highlights his house that experiences leaks during rainy weather.

“Aliw na aliw kayo kay slater young eh parang every upload niya may sira yung bahay nila sa cebu,” @karatinyoko said on Twitter.

While comments from Twitter users border on being harsh, Slater found encouraging words on his Facebook account among followers who hold admiration for his endeavors.

Lingling Malou said, “Slater Young Congrats po sayo and sa team niyo grabe Ang Ganda iba talaga Ang gawang Pinoy.”

“Spectacular! Super nice! Something to be proud of Cebu again!” Meilaflor Paclibar commented.

Slater explained that by positioning the entire upscale building towards the rear, the unit below effectively transforms into the outdoor space for the unit above.

“This makes the entire project feel more like a home because every unit, meron na siyang malaking outdoor space,” he said, stating that the premium and low-density real estate venture only has 146 units.

They will build a mall too near the entrance of the Monterrazas property will be like a township in the future.