Panacan 2 in the municipality of Narra is set to be a regular barangay unit after over 15 years of institutionalization since its independence from Barangay Panacan.

Rep. Cyrille “Beng” F. Abueg-Zaldivar of the 2nd Legislative District filed House Bill No. 674, later substituted by House Bill No. 4599, creating Barangay Panacan 2 as a regular barangay unit.

The proposed legislation was approved in the House of Representatives on September 23, 2019, and is now pending before the Senate Committee on Local Government and Committee on Electoral Reforms and Peoples Participation.

“Through the ratification of the proposed House measure, [the] Barangay Panacan 2 will become a regular barangay unit created through a law,” Abueg-Zaldivar said in a statement.

“This will entitle them to a regular share in the IRA, providing them a regular budget to carry out their government function at the barangay level, as well as to deliver necessary projects and services to their constituency,” she added.

Barangay Panacan 2 was separated from Barangay Panacan in 2006 by virtue of the Narra Sangguniang Bayan’s Resolution No. 875, s. 2005, and Sangguniang Panlalawigan Palawan Provincial Ordinance No. 935 s. 2006, as amended.

According to her, this was duly ratified through a plebiscite conducted by the Commission on Elections on December 2016.

However, as a Barangay created through a local ordinance, Barangay Panacan-2 does not receive Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) from the National Government. Its sole source of funding comes from the annual subsidy allotted by the Municipal Government of Narra, in accordance with Section 17 of the Local Government Code, she added.