Martin Dave “Buboy” Malacao Buyota

Martin Dave “Buboy” Malacao Buyota was born in Brooke’s Point, Palawan to parents Mr. and Mrs. Tasman Buyota. He is the middle child in a brood of five.

Blessed with defined facial features and an easygoing way about him, Buboy was loved by friends and admired by many. He used to get picked as a representative for different sorts of local pageants. However, standing at just 5’5”, he didn’t fully embrace these opportunities. He went through each one more as an obedient student than someone who has his eyes on the prize.

Martin focused on his studies and graduated from Palawan State University (PSU) with a degree in BS Hospitality Management. He flew to Manila to find a job after graduation and ended up in the field of modeling. Because of connections to friends who are into modeling, Martin gained access to photo shoots and workshops so he would sometimes get a gig as a talent for fashion spreads and production gigs, such as those he had with Magnuz Pro Photography and Dhomz Alfonzo Couture.

The Battle to the Top Production has ignited a passion he kind of knew was there but was being snuffed out by himself in the past. From 500 applicants, they were trimmed down to 200, then 100, then 60, and finally 22.
Twenty-two models competed for the Final Lucky 7. Like the usual modeling contests, there were challenges and eliminations per episode so now they are down to 12. Our boy from Brooke’s Point is still in the running for the Final Lucky 7.

The Final Lucky 7 will be announced on October 24, 2019. They will then be doing their final runway and the Top Ambassador and Ambassadress will be declared grand winners at the end of the evening.

We can show our support for Martin, the Killer Smile of Palawan, by liking his photo on the most recent challenge (posted yesterday) for the 12 Grand Finalists at