The Schools Division of Palawan (SDO Palawan) has moved the start of its Bridging Program to give ample time for the schools to reproduce modules for the learners.

Grace Estefano, information officer of the SDO said the supposed June 1 start of the bridging program for Graces 7 and 11 was moved to June 8 to July 24, 2020.

“Ang bridging program ay ni-reset ng June 8 to July 24 para mabigyan ng mas mahabang oras ang reproduction of modules,” she said.

The bridging program is a program initiated by the SDO Palawan under the leadership of Schools Division Superintendent Natividad Bayubay.

The program ensures the preparedness of the students to enter the next grade level since the mastery was compromised due to the suspension of classes because of extracurricular activities, weather, and recently, COVID-19.

It is for Grades 7 and 11 for their transition from elementary to junior high school and the latter to senior high. Estefano said it calls for great academic and social adjustment due to its standards and competencies that differ from each other.

The modules are learning materials that are prepared by the division in collaboration with the district supervisors, school heads, and teachers. The modules’ contents are based on the unmastered competencies from the previous year level and competencies required for the higher level.

As of now, there are schools in the division that have already finished reproducing the materials and some are still in preparation for the commencement of the activity.

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