The Municipal Economic Enterprise and Development Officers (MEEDO) in Palawan formalized their league today, June 13.

Their organization is now known as the Palawan League of Local Economic Enterprise and Development Officers, Incorporated (PLLEEDO, Inc.), as agreed upon by its members.

The Provincial Information Office (PIO) said the newly elected officials of the association took place this morning at the Governor’s Office in the provincial capitol building, led by Vice Governor Leoncio Ola.

Narra MEEDO Albert Felizarte was elected as the president of PLLEEDO, Inc. San Vicente MEEDO Edgar Adante was elected as the vice president for the northern part of the province, while Rizal MEEDO Engr. Nelson Avanceña was elected as the vice president for the southern region.

Here is the complete list of officials:

– President: Mr. Albert L. Felizarte, MGDH-I, MEEDO of Narra, Palawan

– Vice President for the North: Mr. Edgar T. Andante, MGDH-I, MEEDO of San Vicente, Palawan

– Vice President for the South: Engr. Nelson R. Avanceña, MGDH-I, MEEDO of Rizal, Palawan

– Secretary: Ms. Gracela A. Corpuz, MGDH-I, MEEDO of Bataraza, Palawan

– Treasurer: Mr. Allan B. Arinos, Assessor – MEEDO of Kalayaan, Palawan

– Auditor: Engr. Joefred P. Diaz, OIC-MEEDO of Sofronio Española, Palawan

– Board of Trustees: Mr. Frederick B. Odruña, Assistant MEEDO of San Vicente, Palawan; Mr. Rene U. Acosta, MEEDO of El Nido, Palawan; Mr. Ronelio S. Larrosa, MGDH-I – MEEDO of Roxas, Palawan; Mr. Joseph C. Padul, MAO/MEEDO of Cagayancillo, Palawan; Ms. Annabel R. Rodriguez, MEEDO of Magsaysay, Palawan; Mr. Erodito L. Magsipoc, Jr., OIC – MEEDO of Quezon, Palawan.

The mentioned officials will serve for a term of three years. Vice Governor Ola immediately provided an initial fund of ₱10,000.

PEEDO Officer-in-Charge Richieross Isidro Austria said the initiative is in line with the directive and vision of Governor Dennis Socrates.

“The creation of PLLEDO Inc. is a milestone in the field of Local Economic Enterprise in the Province of Palawan. PLLEEDO Inc. will surely enhance the collaboration and mutual support among MEEDO’s with the end view of strengthening the various economic enterprise managed by every municipality throughout the province,” said Austria.

He said establishing the organization is crucial to further strengthen the economic enterprises across the province, as these contribute significantly to the government’s ability to provide quality services to the people of Palawan.