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In a move to combat African Swine Fever (ASF) and promote the health of livestock and poultry, the provincial government of Palawan, in collaboration with Zoetis Philippines, recently organized a Livestock and Poultry Convention to bring together stakeholders in the industry.

The convention, held as part of the Baragatan sa Palawan Festival 2023 and the commemoration of the 121st anniversary of the Civil Government of Palawan, aimed to enhance prevention and control measures against ASF and poultry diseases.

Led by the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO), the convention brought together key stakeholders, including Barangay Veterinary Aides, Livestock Technicians, Livestock Inspectors, Livestock Coordinators, Veterinary Quarantine Inspectors, Meat Inspectors, Gender and Development Focal Persons, Municipal Agriculturists, and Municipal Veterinary Officers from different municipalities across the province.

During the event, experts from Zoetis Philippines, including Livestock Business Specialist Dr. Jerry Alleda and Swine District Sales Manager Dr. Crispin Gabriel, delivered informative presentations on ASF prevention in the livestock industry and the significance of poultry health management.

Rommel Butihen, also from Zoetis Philippines, provided insights on poultry-related topics.

With a focus on preventive measures, the PVO, in collaboration with Barangay Biosecurity Officers, LGU-Veterinarians, and Agriculturists, continues to conduct monitoring and surveillance across various municipalities in Palawan.

They strongly urge the residents of Palawan to refrain from introducing live pigs, pork products, or pork meat from outside the province, as this plays a vital role in maintaining a disease-free livestock and poultry sector.

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