SAN VICENTE, Palawan — A total of 663 returning residents (LSI) and overseas workers have completed their 14-day supervised quarantine in government facilities in the towns of Agutaya, San Vicente, and Roxas.

In San Vicente, 41 individuals have been issued health certificates and were finally sent home, after completing their quarantine period without developing any symptoms.

Dr. Mercy Grace Pablico, health officer of San Vicente, said those released from quarantine underwent a “repeat RDT” which is the rapid antibody test that was last conducted on them when they arrived in Puerto Princesa City.

Pablico said they have 30 more individuals remaining under quarantine.

“Forty one na lahat ang napauwi natin na nakatapos ng 14 days quarantine sa magkakaibang dates. Ang initial RDT sa Irawan ginawa c/o PHO, protocol po yun,” Pablico said.

“After completion at hindi naman sila nag-develop ng symptoms binibigyan po sila ng certificate na they have completed 14days mandatory facility-based quarantine at sila ay covid free,” she added.

In Agutaya, a large group of 586 returnees, both LSI and ROF, have also completed their 14-day quarantine and were allowed to leave after manifesting no symptoms.

Dr. Alena Yap, Agutaya’s municipal health officer, said they still have 206 LSIs and 9 APORs (allowed persons outside the residence) in their quarantine facilities, which are mainly their evacuation center, barangay hall, and several churches.

“586 na po ang nakatapos ng quarantine as of June 30. Sa ngayon po 206 LSIs, 9 APORs, at 1 ROF ang currently under quarantine and monitoring dito po sa Agutaya” Dr. Yap told Palawan News.

Meanwhile, in Roxas, health chief Dr. Leo Salvino said they have released 36 from their quarantine facilities and have 20 more under observation.