The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has reported substantial strides in combating illegal drugs since the inception of the Ferdinand Marcos Jr. administration.

PDEA’s latest report on the national anti-drug campaign claimed that a total of 5,366 drug high-value targets (HVTs) have been apprehended from July 1, 2022, to January 31, 2024.

These individuals are part of the 79,841 drug suspects apprehended in 58,496 operations conducted during the said period.

Law enforcement agencies seized a staggering ₱31.98 billion worth of illegal drugs across the country.

This includes 4,317.46 kg of shabu, 50.47 kg of cocaine, 54,013 pieces of ecstasy tablets, and 3,197.19 kg of marijuana.

PDEA also reported that out of the 42,000 barangays (villages) in the country, 28,247 have been declared “drug-cleared.”

Following the certification from members of the oversight committee for the barangay drug-clearing program, these barangays received their drug-cleared status.

Meanwhile, efforts are ongoing to clear the remaining 7,264 barangays of illicit drug activities.

Aside from arrests and clearance efforts, authorities have also successfully dismantled 856 drug dens and a clandestine shabu laboratory during the same period.