The Ospital Ng Palawan (ONP), the province’s main COVID-19 facility, is nearing its maximum capacity, as COVID-patients continue to rise in the wake of an ongoing surge of cases in the city.

Eight patients had been admitted in its 10-bed isolation ward on Wednesday morning, and hospital authorities are expecting to receive additional patients being transferred from government quarantine facilities who have exhibited symptoms.

According to hospital sources, the respiratory ward is being geared to be converted to another COVID-19 isolation extension facility.

At least two rooms from the ONP’s respiratory ward are expected to be added to house COVID-19 patients, including suspect cases who have started to show symptoms of the deadly disease.

As of Wednesday morning, at least three deaths were added to the city’s death toll, upping the tally to six since the onset of the pandemic.

On Monday, a 25-year-old female worker from a private department store establishment succumbed to death in a private hospital as she was being transferred to ONP.

The female patient reportedly self-medicated of flu for a week, before seeking medical attention only after experiencing respiratory distress.

The local officials were set to host a live advisory on Wednesday afternoon to provide updates on its efforts to contain the current COVID-19 surge in Puerto Princesa.