Department of Education (DepEd) Sec. Leonor Briones clarified Wednesday on their social media page DepEd Philippines, that online learning is not the only method they will offer to learners in the country for the School Year of 2020-2021 amid the public health situation.

Briones said in their online conference, that there will be more things to offer to ensure that everyone can access the new normal “blended learning” education, especially for those in remote areas that have difficulties in accessing the internet.

“We will offer more than just online learning. We will be conducting modular distance learning and blended learning in areas where connectivity is a concern, which will entail the use of printed materials, radio, and television-based instruction,” Briones said.

“Printed modules are prepared for learners who have limited access or have absolutely no access to the Internet and digital services,” she added.

Briones explained lessons will be delivered to the students or picked up by themselves or their parents at designated places within coordinated schedules.

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She also made sure that they will provide effective and helpful methods to ensure that learners will continually learn even if they are not in a classroom setting.

“DepEd can provide learning opportunities to our students, without requiring them to come to school through blended or distance learning modalities such as printed or digital modules; online learning resources; and television or radio-based instruction in ensuring that basic education will be accessible amid the present crisis posed by COVID-19,” Briones said.

Meanwhile, Briones shared the partial results of the Learner Enrollment and Survey Forms (LESF) they’ve conducted, which resulted in 7.2 million enrollees who prefer to use modular distance learning, television, and radio-based instructions and other modalities while only 2 million enrollees prefer online.

She clarified that there will be no face-to-face classes allowed until it is safe to do so.

“Consistent with the President’s non-negotiable commitment to the health and safety of our learners, teachers, and staff, face-to-face classes will not take place until it is safe to do so,” she said.

According to Briones, the DepEd is now hoping to get better connectivity in the country to actually implement its blended learning.

“We believe and support our local government units and the Department of Information and Communications Technology are working hard to ensure that areas in the Philippines get better connectivity, which can greatly help in the implementation of blended learning,” Briones said.”

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