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The National Youth Movement for West Philippine Sea (NYMWPS), welcomed the holding of a landmark trilateral meeting among the Philippines, Japan, and the United States. 

The trilateral meeting held in Washington, D.C. in April 11,  led by host U.S. President Joseph Biden Jr., Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., and Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, discussed matters related to security and economy. 

NYMWPS Founder and Global Chair, Dr. Celia Lamkin said they believe, this renewed and stronger alliance “will be a formidable asset in keeping the self-serving Chinese interests in check.”

In an official documentation of the White House, Marcos illustrated the relationship of the three countries, prior to the meeting proper, as “…a partnership borne not out of convenience, nor of expediency, but as a natural progression of a deepening relation and robust cooperation amongst our three countries, linked by a profound respect for democracy, good governance, and the rule of law.” 

Biden for his part reassured his Filipino and Japanese counterparts his country’s unwavering support in their struggle against the unlawful aggression of the People’s Republic of China (PROC) in the two countries’ sovereign rights and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and described their defense commitments to the two allies as “iron clad.”

I want to be clear, the United States defense commitment to Japan and the Philippines are iron clad. As I’ve said before, any attack on Philippine aircraft, vessels or armed forces in the South China Sea would invoke our mutual defense treaty,” Biden said.

Meanwhile, Kishida, in his later speech on the same day, warned the US Congress of China’s current maneuverings. 

According to him, “China’s current external stance and military actions present an unprecedented and the greatest strategic challenge, not only to the peace and security of Japan but to the peace and stability of the international community at large.” 

China’a foreign ministry spokesperson,  Mao Ning,  slammed the summit and opposed “the relevant countries manipulating bloc politics, and firmly opposes any behavior that provokes or lays plans for opposition, and hurts other countries’ strategic security and interests.”

We firmly oppose engaging in closed cliques that exclude others in the region,” Mao added.

Lamkin lambasted China for its illegal and dangerous actions on the West Philippine Sea including harassment of Filipino fishermen, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and the Philippine Coast Guard. 

She called on “other countries to join in exerting greater international pressure against foreign incursion in sovereign waters.”