Contracted mappers of the Mogpog Cultural Mapping project. | Photo to Lester Larraquel and Bernadette Del Prado

MOGPOG, Marinduque – The Marinduque State College Extramural Study Center (MSC ESC) in Barangay Capayang, Mogpog provided the space for the critiquing sessions of the contracted mappers of the Mogpog Cultural Mapping project.

Around 16 mappers who presented at least 60 cultural elements from natural, built, movable and intangible cultural heritage last June 8 to 11.

Photo by Lester Larraquel and Bernadette Del Prado

In observance of health and safety protocols, the critiquing session was schedule in four days, accommodating at least four cultural mappers each day through Tuesday to Friday.

The invited cultural mapping mentors from MSC School of Education with Arts and Sciences faculty members. The new set of cultural mappers underwent a series of screening from March 25-26 at the Paradiso del Tierra before Holy Week and April 19-22 at the Mogpog Municipal Tourism Office.

The objective of the said retooling is to prepare the accomplished mapping forms for the 2nd follow-up visit from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts  (NCCA). The previous local mappers underwent the five-day training in June 2018 where face-to-face activities were still allowed accomplishing at least 50% of the initial targets.

The 1st follow-up visit was conducted by May 2019, still pre-pandemic but in succeeding year, the cultural mapping project came into almost a complete halt. Until the planning and eventual implementation of the Cultural Mapping Retooling inspired by the efforts of the Gasan and Santa Cruz Cultural Mapping team.

Along with the Local Government of Buenavista which had its turn of training of local mappers last October 2018 and the first follow-up immediately after Mogpog and before the scoping and negotiation in the town of Torrijos.

The next step of the cultural mapping process would be the community validation where all the prepared and accomplished forms 80% to 100% complete would be subjected to both internal and external validators’ scrutiny and analyses.

The target of the Mogpog Cultural Mapping team is to turn-over the finalized Local Culture Profile composed of 268 cultural elements on or before October this year. In due time, the initial output would be the basis for the Philippine Registry of Cultural Property due by December.

MSC ESC endeavors to become a creative and technology hub of the province where research and innovation would be take place in collaboration with the stakeholders, academe and private sector.

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