Police personnel in Dumaran has arrested Delfin Panaligan, a 44-year-old farmer and the third most-wanted individual at the municipal level for alleged sexual assault.

The apprehension took place in Barangay Santo Tomas, Dumaran in Northern Palawan on July 25, as a result of a joint operation involving multiple police units.

Panaligan, a resident of Brgy. Santa Cruz, Puerto Princesa City, had been evading authorities for over a year since a warrant of arrest was issued by Judge Arlene Guillen of Branch 13-Family Court, Fourth Judicial Region in Puerto Princesa City.

The warrant, dated June 20, 2022, was issued on the grounds of violation of sexual assault under Article 266-A, Paragraph 2, Revised Penal Code, in relation to Section 5 (B) of Republic Act 7610, as docketed under CC No. 42390. The recommended bail for his alleged crimes amounted to P200,000.

The arrest operation was conducted jointly by Dumaran MPS as the lead unit and personnel from various other police units, including PIU-Palawan PPO, PALCIT RID 4B, Irawan PS 2-PPCPO, 2nd PMFC, and 401st B MC RMFB 4B, as well as Araceli MPS. Their coordinated efforts played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the mission.

Details about the specific circumstances of the sexual assault allegations have not been disclosed in the official report, but the nature of the charges indicates the seriousness of the case.

After the successful arrest, Panaligan was taken into the custody of Dumaran MPS for proper disposition. The proper legal proceedings will now ensue as the accused faces the charges against him.