Western Command chief Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos leads the send-off for Marine Battalion Landing Team 4 (MBLT-4) at the tidepole pier on Monday, July 17, foe their refurbishing and retraining at the Philippine Marine Corps headquarters in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines in the province commended the victories of the Marine Battalion Landing Team-4 in ending the New People’s Army’s armed struggle as it prepared Monday morning to leave for refurbishment and retraining before being deployed to its new duty.

The commanders of Western Command (WESCOM) and the 3rd Marine Brigade (3MBde) in Palawan pinned the legacy of ending the armed struggle of the rebel group in Palawan to the battalion during the Send-off Ceremony at the Tide Pole facility pier on July 17.

WESCOM chief Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos highlighted that MBLT-4 played an important role in maintaining the peace and order situation in Palawan.

The unit’s efforts, under the current command of Lt. Col. Glenn Llorito, were particularly significant in remote areas, he explained, which often faced challenges and felt deprived of government services due to their geographic location. These conditions made them vulnerable to the influence and recruitment of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

“Through their focused military operations and strategic maneuverings, they added immense pressure to the CTGs (communist terrorist groups) resulting to the surrender of key leaders and personalities in Northern Palawan,” Carlos said.

He added that the transfer of the battalion to the southern part of the province also resulted in a “well-secured environment for both local and foreign tourists, with no incident of kidnapping or terrorism-related activities.”

3MBde commander Brig. Gen. Antonio Mangoroban Jr. on the other hand lauded MBLT-4’s efforts in the internal security operation (ISO) which “culminated in the successful raid against the top leaders of the CTGs in Brooke’ Point that eventually led to the dismantling of the lawless group’s presence here in the province.”

Mangoroban also thanked the battalion for its role in securing the country’s territory in the West Philippine Sea.

“We also thank them for their efforts in safeguarding our far-flung stsations in WPS. They have participated in our efforts to provide effective presence in WPS,” He said.

“They have endured loneliness out on that far-flung areas and have been on the watch or a living doer of how we have been doing our part in not losing an inch or even a grain of sand in our territory for the past years,” he added.

Furthermore, Mangoroban recognized the battalion’s efforts in the humanitarian and disaster response operations during calamities.

“Their most notable efforts were during the massive flooding in Brooke’s Point ans Sofronio Española,” he said.

Meanwhile, MBLT-4 commanding officer Lt. Col. Glenn Llorito thanked the leadership of Wescom and local government units who extended thwm support during their stay in the province.

“To our commanders, your clear command guidance has been our beacon in accomplishing our unit missions. To the mayors, other law enforcement agencies and other friendly forces covered by the area of reaponsibility of MBLT4, your support and constant coordination have contributed to the smooth and effective execution of our unit’s line of effort and operations,” Llorito said.

“To the officers and enlisted personnel, let us never forget the sacrifices of those who came before us and those who will follow our footsteps. We must strive to be the epitome of honor, courage and commitment in everything we do,” he added.

MBLT-4 ended its tour of duty in Palawan after 12 years of deployment in the northern and southern parts of the province and will proceed to Philippine Marine Corps headquarters in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

“They will undergo massive refurbishing and retraining program to stay atuned to the evolving task, and capacitate them to become always ready for any mission assigned to them,” Mangoroban said.

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