Police officers in Taytay are conducting an investigation in the vicinity where the hacking incident, leading to the tragic demise of Robert Solina, occurred. (Photo from Palawan Police Provincial Office)

A 28-year-old construction worker fatally attacked his drinking buddy, a 51-year-old farmer, after a heated argument around 6:45 p.m. on Thursday in Barangay Abongan, in the northern Palawan town of Taytay.

The Palawan Police Provincial Office (PPO) said in a report that the victim, Robert Solina, suffered severe head injuries inflicted by the suspect, Edison Quirante. This led to the victim’s death right at the location where they were drinking together.

Preliminary findings indicate that while Solina and Quirante were drinking at Sitio Ibangley, Brgy. Abongan, and after consuming two bottles of liquor, a heated argument erupted between them.

The PPO said this escalated into an aggressive assault, resulting in the death of Solina.

Quirante was apprehended by the responding law enforcement officers along with the bolo he used in the attack. He was taken to Taytay MPS for further investigation and appropriate legal actions.

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