As the dry season blankets Puerto Princesa with scorching temperatures reaching a staggering 42 °C heat index, Hello Glow, a prominent local personal care brand, introduces a timely solution to combat the effects of the relentless sun on hair. With the launch of Hello Glow Hairsaver Dry Shampoo, you can now enjoy refreshed and revitalized hair even amidst the sweltering heat.

The dry season in the Philippines brings about the familiar challenges of oily and frizzy hair due to the intense heat and humidity. Hello Glow addresses this concern with its latest innovation, the Hairsaver Dry Shampoo, which offers a convenient and effective solution for refreshing hair without the need for water.

Amidst the blistering heat, Hello Glow Hairsaver Dry Shampoo emerges as a lifesaver for busy individuals on-the-go. By instantly absorbing excess oil and providing a boost of freshness, this innovative product ensures that hair remains clean and manageable despite the harsh weather conditions.

Infused with nourishing ingredients like hydrolyzed silk, hydrolyzed keratin, and polygonum multiflorum root extract, the Hairsaver Dry Shampoo not only removes oil but also pampers the scalp and strands, offering comprehensive care for hair health.

In light of the current climate challenges, Hello Glow emphasizes the importance of proper hair care during the dry season. The Hairsaver Dry Shampoo serves as a convenient solution, offering five key benefits for users:

1. Convenience on-the-go: With its easy application and portability, Hello Glow Hairsaver Dry Shampoo allows users to refresh their hair anytime, anywhere, without water.

2. Extended hairstyle longevity: By providing added texture and grip, this dry shampoo helps maintain hairstyles for longer periods, ensuring confidence and style despite the heat.

3. Dermatologically tested assurance: Hello Glow prioritizes scalp health by ensuring that its products, including the Hairsaver Dry Shampoo, are gentle and free from harmful chemicals, making them safe for prolonged use.

4. Local innovation meets global trends: Hello Glow combines its renowned gentle formulations with global hair care trends, offering consumers a cutting-edge solution tailored to local needs.

5. Refreshing fragrance: Neutralizing odors of sweat and oil, the refreshing floral scent of this dry shampoo enhances the sensory experience, leaving hair feeling clean and rejuvenated.

Available at an affordable price of P299, Hello Glow Hairsaver Dry Shampoo is now available for purchase online through the brand’s flagship stores on Shopee, Tiktok, and Lazada, as well as in SM Beauty Department Stores and Watsons outlets nationwide.