The nearest falls that you could visit.

If you are the type who loves nature such as listening to rivers flowing and birds singing, or you just need a break from the hustle-and-bustle of city life, Mainit Falls is definitely for you.

Located in Brooke’s Point in the southern part of the island province, Mainit Falls is located 194 kilometers from Puerto Princesa City. From the center of the town, drive six kilometers more and you’ll be in the place for sure. The best way to go is by taking a car, but if you’re in for an adventure, you can also ride a tricycle or motorcycle.


1 out of the seven falls that you could visit.

Traveling to Mainit Falls is already an adventure in itself because you’ll be seeing the peak of Mt. Mantalingahan, a protected area that covers a total area of 120,457 hectares within the territorial jurisdictions of Bataraza, Brooke’s Point, Quezon, Rizal, and Sofronio Espanola. If you can’t hike up there, then see it from where you are on your way to the waterfalls.

Once in Mainit Falls, you’ll be welcomed by tall trees that give shade to the area. I suggest that you bring a mosquito repellant and wear leggings or jogging pants just to make sure you cover your legs to avoid mosquito bites. The place actually offers a wall rock climbing activity if you’re up to another challenge.



You might be wondering why it is called “Mainit Falls” — that is because there are seven falls that you can climb and a natural water hot spring. They have mini pools where you can dip yourself and allow the warm water and peaceful environment to make you less tense and anxious. Each mini pool has its own temperature so check first before you go in.

Out of the seven falls it has, we were only able to visit one since we were just dropping by. There is also a river worth checking out because cool waters are always the best if you want to hype up your temperature from the hot springs.


Those mini pools has their own temperature, so better check it first before dipping in.

The place has two large pools with slides that are offered as amenities if you wish to stay overnight in any of their two cabins that cost P700 and is good for 2-4 persons.

You could also use a tent which is available for rent for only P200. But if you only wish to just visit the place you only need to pay P40 for adult entrance, P30 for senior citizens, and P15 for kids. The amount you pay goes to the maintenance of the place.


The trail going to the nearest falls.

They also charge parking fees: P75 for truck, P50 for 4-wheels car, P25 for tricycle, and P20 for motorcycle to keep your rides safe. They also offer cottages for short picnic stays ranging from P50 to P150.

Another reminder is that there are no stores near the place so make sure to bring your own food.


It was rainy season when we went there that is why the water seemed dark, but Ate Edna said that it is clear during summer.

Ate Edna who is the current caretaker, said that you could approach her to cook your meal for free. Isn’t that nice? But of course, if you do have some spare money you can give her a tip for her hospitality and generosity.

Mainit Falls is still on the process of development, however, if you’re really into nature it is the place to be. I could definitely assure you that you’ll enjoy the place especially if you wish to “detoxify” from the social media world since the reception is not that good.


Our team taking rest and of course, pictorial!

I just realized that Palawan doesn’t only have El Nido, Coron, or San Vicente, it also has Brooke’s Point that has a lot to offer. And I would definitely go back to explore more of its beauty. Until the next adventure!


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