SAN VICENTE, Palawan — A group of young individuals in Barangay Sto. Niño here has organized themselves to help develop talent and skills among the youth in the different fields of art and other endeavors.

Inspired by the members’ desire to express their skills and talent, Robina T. Gebhardt said she formed the group called Sto. Niño Developing Youth Skills Arts and Talent (STN DYSAT) last April 4.

“The reason why we started STN DYSAT was that during the lockdown because of the [COVID-19] pandemic, the youth have been focused with online classes and modular learning and we noticed that they have been so distracted with stress. Because of this,  that my co-founder, trainer and I, decided to start an organization specially for the younger generation to express their abilities and skills and somewhat remove the stress and anxiety that we have all been going through,” said Gebhardt.

“Brgy. Sto. Niño has so much talents that we want to develop and showcase what the youth enjoys not only for themselves but also to encourage the other youths to discover their hidden talents and excel,” she added.

The group aims to create a community wherein skills will be developed to influence each other to become a better person and productive individual in the society.

They also encourage active community participation where involvement is the main mission of this group to provide free and quality basic skills and talents opportunities to the members of the organization and the community.

As a start, the group elected their first set of officers namely: Presisdent – Symon Cedrik A. Buranday; Vice-President  – Nikka Ela E. Buranday; Secretary – Angel Mae Gregorio; Asst. Secretary – Yvone Avery Reguma; Treasurer – Irish Yshi O. Buranday; Auditor – Maria Elizabeth H. Realco; Project Managers – Lovely Olaje, Erol Plantagaan & Jestine Comedia; P.I.O. – Jolito Cañoso & Jerilyn Albat; Muse – Alyssa May A. Bañez; and Escort – Anmar Bernales.

Aside from Bebhardt, acting as adviser and trainer are Christine Charlotte T. Gebhardt and Glennmore P. Boston.