A ranking lawmaker wants the rescue of livestock and work animals made part of disaster response government policy and operations.

“The government lacks guidelines on this. There should be efforts to evacuate livestock and work animals because families and enterprises especially in the provinces will depend on these animals post-disaster for their livelihood,” said House Deputy Majority Leader Representative Alfred delos Santos in a statement on Tuesday.

“Some provinces help evacuate animals such as farm carabaos and chickens but this would be on a limited scale. Our House Bill 1915 (Animal Calamity Rescue Act) seeks to have formal animal and livestock rescue measures in place nationwide,” he added.

Delos Santos said he foresees local agriculture and environment officers having “key roles, mobilize local residents and enterprises, and designate temporary holding areas for rescued animals.”

“If mayors and governors work with the constituents on rescuing animals, it can be feasibly done. They could find ways to evacuate both people and animals. They just have to prepare for it,” he said. (PNA)

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