(Photo courtesy of Edgard Gaite / PDRRMO)


The number of returning locally stranded individuals (LSI) since Monday has reached over 300, with no new cases of COVID-19 infection, according to provincial government reports.

The largest group to arrive were some 290 individuals aboard 2Go Shipping Lines on Monday. They were mostly LSIs and some allowed persons outside their residences (APOR).

The last to arrive so far were 27 LSI passengers of Philippine Airlines that arrived Wednesday.

Cruzalde Ablaña, Palawan Incident Management Team (IMT), said that all of those who arrived were cleared through Rapid Detection Tests (RDT).

Part of the large group were members of the Philippine Marines and were directly brought to the Barangay Abo-Abo in Sofronio Española and Brgy. Macarascas in Puerto Princesa to undergo a 14-day quarantine.

In addition, 70 individuals arrived Monday afternoon from Metro Manila via a Cebu Pacific flight, 64 of which were LSIs, five were APOR, and one OFW returnee. The returnees tested negative in RDT and were assisted by their respective LGUs.

(With a report from Romar Miranda)