Students inside a classroom in San Vicente National High School during the launching of KOOP-BATA. (Photo from the Provincial Cooperative Development Office)

In a bid to promote financial literacy and responsible money management among the youth at an early age, the KOOP-BATA cooperative has been officially established at San Vicente National High School (SVNHS).

This was under the leadership of the Palawan provincial government through the Provincial Cooperative Development Office (PCDO), the provincial information said.

The KOOP-BATA sa Palawan aims to provide young individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and grow their finances from a tender age.

The cooperative, which will be composed of 15 or more youths aged 5 to 17 years old, will be guided by a registered guardian cooperative under the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) to oversee its operations and planning.

In line with this initiative, the provincial information office said the officials of the KOOP-BATA cooperative have been elected, and the elected student representatives from Grade 9 and Grade 10 at SVNHS were announced on July 14.

These young leaders will be mentored and assisted by the KOOP-BATA Focal Person, Joanne de Guzman, who is also a teacher at SVNHS, and supported by San Vicente Municipal Cooperative Development Officer, Flora Mandolado.

The establishment of KOOP-BATA at SVNHS presents a unique opportunity for the young students to learn about cooperative principles and the importance of financial planning. By instilling these values early on, the program aims to empower the youth to make informed financial decisions, save, and invest responsibly.

“We are thrilled to witness the inception of KOOP-BATA at San Vicente National High School. This cooperative will not only teach the students about financial management but also foster teamwork, leadership, and responsibility,” expressed De Guzman.

The PCDO has provided ample support for the establishment of KOOP-BATA, recognizing its potential in nurturing financially literate and responsible citizens in the future. The program’s activities and operations will be closely monitored to ensure its compliance with cooperative regulations and best practices.

In addition to the valuable life skills that the students will acquire, the completion of all necessary documents and requirements will earn KOOP-BATA a Certificate of Recognition from the CDA. The provincial information office said recognition will further validate the cooperative’s commitment to its mission and objectives.

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